Help needed, I don't know what to do

Story is long, will try to make it short. I need help

Have had a stressful childhood, drank for years, stopped when I got pregnant, I have had nightmares every night since I was in my early 20s. Have suffered with depression and anxiety for as long as I can recall. In 2006 I suffered multiple health problems. Was president of parent advisory council at my sons elementary school, under much stress. Had period of extreme light sensitivity in eyes, eye hemmoraged, blood vessels on sclera, Drs could not determine cause October 2006 had mental breakdown. Signed myself into psychiatrict care. 2 months. Diagnosed also with colitis. Cried, constantly and no idea why. Bed ridden for months. Was put on antidepressants, tried many. 2009 started having health problems again, too numerous to list. 2009 another breakdown and another 2 months in the hospital. Constant crying, bed ridden again. Was advised by mental health professionals that I should go back to work, it would help with depression. I did and would spend the day trying to hide my tears, dealing with extreme anxiety, depression, nothing helped.

So since then I have had my ups and downs. Still on anti depressants. Dealing with hair loss, acne on my scalp, acne breakout on face and ears. Sore throat at times, times where it was difficult to swallow, had periods of shortness of breath, muscle weakness in arms and legs, stomach upset, menstrual cycle is out of whack, heavy then nothing. No period one month, two the next within a week of each other. My WBC count is always low, below range. Drs can find no reason. Weight gain. During the last few weeks I have suffered what seems to be estrogen dominance.  Breast were very tender for about three days, lots of vaginal discharge and then it stopped. Breast were fine and I believe I experience vaginal dryness for the first time in my life. I have had no sexual drive for over 10 years. Since my last breakdown I have lived my life pushing myself to put a smile on my face and do my best to make sure my boys are happy, had decided that I would do so until they were married off and once I felt they were happy and would be ok without me I would end my life. Please note I am not suicidal, but I have been to hell and back twice and won't go back again. For me, up until a few days ago, ending my life was going to be a release from my mental anguish.

What has changed. Information. Information like I have found on this forum.  I have searched for close to 10 years to find someone who has suffered as I had.  I had been searching mental health forums, but didn't find anyone with a story like mine. But I finally did find a story similar to mine in a hormone book and then found numerous more after reading up on thyroid problems. So, I'm heading back into my doctor on the 11th to request, yet again, that I be thoroughly tested for thyrodism. I've asked before but I've only gotten my tsh tested and my t3 once. I am actually looking forward to the future if I can find a way to heal myself. So am reaching out to find others who might be able to help me.  Will post my test results in following posts. Any help is welcomed.  Thank you.

Another big thing right now also is my memory. It's gone. So bad that I have asked to see a neurologist.

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Turning 50 this November

WBC, 2.7, range 4.0-11.0

RBC, 4.39, range 3.80-5.20

Hemoglobin,136, range 120-155

Hematocrit, 0.40, range 0.35-0.45

Platelet Count,193, range 150-400

Neutrophils, low 1.5, range 2.0-8.0

Lymphocytes, low 1.0, range 1.2-3.5

Monocytes, 0.3, range 0.2-1.0

Ferritin, 40, range 15-130

Cholesterol, high 6.07, range <5.20

LDL Cholesterol, high 4.35, range <3.40

Vitamin B12, 295, range 150-600

Thyroid Function, TSH 1.16, range 0.34-4.82 mU/L

This test was done a year ago, only time my t3 has been done

TSH, 1.00, range 0.34-4.82 mU/L

T3 Free, 3.7, range 3.5-6.5 pmol/L

Sorry to read of your struggle. You will need the TSH - FT4 - FT3 and the anti-bodies tested - Anti-TPO and Anti-Tg. Labs rarely test the FT3 if the TSH is in range. Ensure your GP makes a special request or you could have them done privately through Thyroid UK.

Also have B12 - Ferritin - Folate - Iron - VitD tested. They need to be optimal for you to feel well. Low B12 and VitD can lead to low mood.

Hope you soon find some answers and can start your journey to wellness.....

Thank you Marz. Vitamin D has been low. Was sent to a specialist because it was dangerously low. I'm in Canada and need to pay $60 since specialist won't sign to run test again. But plan on doing so.

Just treat yourself with D. I do ! I take 10,000 IU's daily - I live in Greece :-) I have Crohns as well as Hashimotos. Look at the chart in the link below ...

Your T3 is right at the bottom of the range, it should ideally be in the top third. Perhaps you have a conversion problem. If you have FT4 tested as well and that level is good, a conversion problem will be proven. You need good Ferritin levels to convert. You should aim to get yours over 70. If FT4 is also low, you are definitely hypo. I would have expected your TSH to be higher with a FT3 at that level, so perhaps you have a pituitary problem. High cholesterol is a hypo sign (they used it to diagnose Hypo b4 the TSH test).

Low WBC count isn't right. Just saying 'we don't know why' isn't good enough. Do your homework and find out a list of things this could be caused by and check with you Dr that you have been tested for them.

Have taken notes from what you suggested to tell Dr when I ask for tests that Marz suggested above. WBC count has been going on for years. Have seen the specialist a number of times, he is pretty much fed up with seeing me. Says some people just have a low WBC. Nothing to be done, made me feel foolish, belittled the Dr who sent me to him. A little man with a giant ego :(. I really dislike having to see him.


Both my White Blood Count WBC and Neutrophil were under range and I noticed once treatment of thyroid medication (Levothyroxine) was started both bloods, gradually, over almost a year returned to normal (within range.) Another friend of mine with hypothyroidism not being acknowledged by his doctor also had both these bloods under range.

Also high Cholesterol has an inverse effect on low thyroid hormone levels, (lowFT4/FT3) Treat the low thyroid with thyroid medication and the low FT4/3 will go back up to higher/normal levels, cholesterol then usually goes back down.

Your FT3 looks low within it's range.

Thank you, I hope this happens for me

I think you may have a high reverse t3..conversion problem, due to low iron or inflammation or who knows why. Have you gained weight, puffy?

I have always been heavy set, but do at times seem to puff up :(

I'm so sorry you've had such a terrible time Candytuft.

I very much agree with with others re B12 - Thyroid disease and B12 are linked both ways and symptoms overlap but many of your previous tests (low hematocrit, low neutrophils, low B12, indicate B12 deficiency, which can cause physical, psychological and neurological problems.

The neurological symptoms, e.g. memory loss, tinnitus, headaches, etc.are listed on the site below and need to be treated without delay: (and an excellent film)


(The above latest BMJ research document has a useful summary, if GP won't read the complete document ).

I really hope you get answers and good treatment soon.

Marz has given you good advice. I just wanted to say welcome to the forum. I have learnt such a lot since I found this site and I hope things begin to pick up for you soon.

Welcome Candytuff,

I am so very sorry to hear of your long struggles. Many of your symptoms certainly sound as if they could be attributed to undiagnosed thyroid issues.

A thyroid hormone imbalance can have such far reaching effects, causing depression and other mental illness, huge gut problems, muscle pain, and massive inflammation in the body amongst numerous other seemingly unconnected illnesses. However, all this can be eventually reversed after missing hormones start being replaced.

The important thing now is to establish if you have a thyroid problem and the tests Marz has advised are absolutely vital.

If your doctor is uncooperative, all these tests will be available somewhere privately, although I obviously don't know of private testing companies in Canada.

Many of us on this forum have suffered terribly through thyroid hormone mismanagement and have educated ourselves to understand the problems and come to terms with what has happened to us.

We look forward to your posting thyroid hormone test results complete with ranges (numbers in brackets). Ensure to post in a new question so avoid being missed.

Hopefully this will be the start of a more positive path for you Candytuff,


I'm hoping it will be a new start also :)

Have you ever looked at having all of these problems can be caused through one thing stress sounds silly but iv been through

a hell of a lot over the years , reading finding things out, going through altrenative healing then life stopped me in my tracks finding it hard to walk and do everyday tasks stopped crying and

realised I would never be happy waiting for kids to grow then waiting until until.... never ending then bam thought im not looking after myself then changed that no more suicidal thoughts

let kids learn the hard way and stop fighting they are going to do what they want anyway. Go to the beach and just be there its beautiful, phone a friend go out for you the house can wait I sit and say if a friend asked for advice what would I say it works try it then be selfish and go and buy thatcandle you would love youl get there see how strong you really are go do that thing your uncomfortable with because you think you cant youl be amazed

iv done it and yes I have good and bad days put negative thoughts to positve and dont be around people that are not positive they are no good to you you are better than them its took me 25 yrs to get to this im giving you this is my gift and I want you to not wait years to realize some things I've had mental health problems from the age of 16 now im 52 go forward and have the best life you can have dont live in the past its not here anymore now make new memories of happiness the past holds you back iv done it you can do it hope to hear from you in a year being in a better place love and light mary xx

When I volunteered at my children's elementary school I put myself through way too much stress. But I ended up in the hospital I. Hysterics, crying, sobbing and saying I didn't know why I was crying. My life was good, I was sooo happy. My boys are my life. The major depression started after this. I was always sooo sad, crying when I drove my boys to school, having to rush grocery shopping wearing sunglasses to hide tears and red eyes. Even now thinking back will bring me to tears, thinking how sad my boys must of been, of years lost of me in bed, unable to hardly move. Crying . . . .

All the very best to you, hope you get the bottom of your health problems and start living and being happy again xx

Hello candytuft, what a long and sad saga, God love you.

I had two cysts removed from my thyroid gland when I was in my twenties and fortunately insisted on the right medication "Eltroxin" - I was on this for more than forty years with my changing gps trying to shunt me on the cheaper generic levothyroxine. I was in fantastically good health for all those years and then in 2013 the pharmaceutical manufacturers decided to stop producing it in England and their licence had expired. I was forced onto levothyroxine with terrible adverse effects. I have had a battle with doctors and have taken a case to the House of Commons and the House of Lords but they all sing the same tune. My GP said that I would have to stay on the cheaper medication or see and endocronologist. After purchasing items on the internet and dubious of their source I agreed to see an endo and was pleasantly surprised. He endorsed everything I said and supplemented the generic medication with T3. He also said that everything today was about cost effectiveness.

I have purchased a wonderful book off Amazon called "Your Thyroid and how to keep it healthy" / It is by Dr.Barry Durrant Peatfield and some of the case studies strongly emulate your harrowing story. There is light at the end of the tunnel and I am hopeful that you will discover the cause of your traumatic health problems for even though I am well past my sell by date I have a very strong zest for life and care passionately for my fellow human beings. Love and Bless you

Thank you, I'll look into getting this book. I can't explain the joy, if you would call it that, but whatever that feeling is when you finally see stories others who have suffered the same horrible experiences as I have. Finally

That's quite a story, quite a lot you have been through. Sounds quite similar to my mother's in a few ways. I'm so sorry for all the suffering and pain you have been going through.

A few things that may be related:

What's in your mouth? (Dental issues, infections, abscesses, root canals, amalgams, etc.)

What's your body temperature like most days? If you haven't started taking your temps yet, can you start doing that, first thing in the morning?

What's up with your spine? Especially cervical and thoracic areas. Anything going on there? Old injuries? Ever fall and hurt yourself at any time in your life? Head injuries? Anything that might affect the atlas/axis?

Can you have your albumin/protein levels checked? And also your creatinine levels? Even if your thyroid hormones show up "normal" - if the proteins and creatinine levels are off, this indicates thyroid dysfunction that doctors tend to overlook.

How's your weight? Any unexplained weight gain or trouble getting rid of it? Any extreme weight loss?

Allergies? Food sensitivities? Are you getting sick when you eat any foods? Do you have any chemical sensitivities? Things like perfumes, fabric detergents/softeners, tar, etc?

No, don't think so. Have always been heavy set. No injuries to spine, teeth are good and no allergies, although I do have a constant drippy nose. Was tested for allergies and nothing. Again was brushed off, o explanation.

Do you experience any pressure in the head?

I do. With headache at times. But also find it hard to wear sunglasses, the slightest pressure from them causes headaches, headbands I can't wear at all, causes headaches. I quite often wear my hair I ponytail, cover thinning hair, to depressed, fatigued to wash hair daily and wearing ponytail will cause headaches also. Also painful to wear ballcaps

OK that indicates low protein/albumin (as has already been established) and also lymphatic congestion. Once again I'm led to your spine, particularly in the cervical and/or thoracic region. Have you ever had your spine checked for any misalignments, kyphosis, reverse curvature, chiari malformation, syringomyelia, whiplash, atlas/axis imbalance, or any other abnormalities? I know you wrote your spine is fine, but are you absolutely certain of that? Spinal issues go hand-in-hand with lymphatic congestion and head pressure. That's not saying that lymphatic congestion and head pressure can't exist without spinal issues - they most certainly can - but you want to rule out as much as possible and get to the very root of the issue - which means checking the spine thoroughly. It is possible though, that getting the albumin levels up where they need to be will be enough to get rid of the head pressure.

Also - about the issues with your eyes - have you also had any flashing lights, loss of vision, or any diagnosis of glaucoma or elevated intraocular pressure? I ask because I had these things, and a lot of the same symptoms you have been experiencing - including a hemmorhage in the retina; I've also been diagnosed with glaucoma, which the doctors could never find the reason for (top specialists couldn't determine what "kind" of glaucoma it was), and I ended up losing all eyesight in one eye and partial in the other. I try to tell the doctors "look at me - I'm retaining water EVERYWHERE, not just my eyes! This is SYSTEMIC!" but they just don't get it. So I give them this to read and hope the realization reaches out and slaps them in the face with obviousness:

It sounds like you definitely are experiencing hypothyroidism - lifelong - if not blatant primary hypothyroidism, most definitely cellular/tissue hypothyroidism - meaning that while your pituitary levels may be showing normal, your cells and tissues are most definitely NOT getting and/or converting the necessary thyroid hormones - something that most doctors are completely ignorant about. Have a read here for more info on this:

and here - pertaining to thyroid transport (low albumin = decreased thyroid and nutrient transport):

You may also want to read this - a lot of answers here, specifically about lymphatic congestion and spinal misalignment:

The Perrin Technique: How to Beat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME, by Dr. Raymond Perrin, DO, PhD

I can empathise with several things in your story. Please note before you read this that I am not a doctor.

Based on the results and facts you have posted I suspect the following to be true :

1) You probably have high cortisol levels - not necessarily high enough to be classified as Cushing's Syndrome, but still perfectly capable of making you feel terrible. If this is the case your doctor is unlikely to help. But you need to know if this is true in order to help yourself. Prolonged high cortisol levels have an impact on the thyroid and how well your body processes thyroid hormone. It also damages the memory.

2) You have low FT3. The combination of high cortisol and low FT3 will cause havoc with your mood and your memory.

3) Your ferritin is too low. Optimal levels are mid-range.

4) Your vitamin B12 level is far too low. Vitamin B12 is non-toxic, is water soluble, and any excess that your body doesn't require gets excreted in urine. The reference range in the UK is absurd. For comparison, in Japan the bottom of the range is 500. You need your level to about 1000. Having more than that is not a problem. B12 is the only nutrient I know of that is so non-toxic that the top of the reference range can be ignored.

5) It is possible to be hypothyroid without a high TSH but doctors generally ignore this fact. You could have poor absorption or thyroid hormone resistance or secondary hypothyroidism or tertiary hypothyroidism.

I suggest trying to deal with one thing at a time. Once you are happy that you have dealt with or are dealing with one problem, you can move on to the next. It is easy to get overwhelmed. Start with getting your supplementation of nutrients right. Once you've done that, move on to the next thing. You don't have to wait until your nutrient levels are optimal before you move on to the next thing.

AM Cortisol, 268, (120-620). This was done on jan 16 of this year. Pm reading was similar. But am going to add that to the list of tests requested. I have started on supplements but will write down your suggested optimal levels here. Thank you.

Candy, a 24hr saliva test is much better, but you won't get one from a convention doctor , or as human bean says, much help from them if you do have cortisol problems.

When you're ready to look at this Stop The Thyroid Madness website is a good place to start.

Hi Candy, It is so alarming that you have been treated so poorly but the medical profession is just not efficient with chronic disease because I don't think they understand how the body works. I'd like to apologize to people like you who have suffered needlessly. It is NOT because there is no way to help you but what they have done has caused more harm.

I agree with ferritin and B12 needing to be raised. You should start on omega 3, magnesium taurate and vitamin D3 with K2 immediately. These all assist the brain by increasing dopamine activity. Be sure to get methylcobalamin B12.

I wouldn't worry about the other tests and even cholesterol. Your adrenals need it to make sex hormones and steroids.

Your thyroid is low because your adrenals are high.

Your adrenals are keeping your TSH down, not because you have adequate thyroid hormone but because your body cannot handle more right now.

You could very well be estrogen dominant and if I were a doctor I'd probably order progesterone cream, but I am not a doctor. If you are not eating organic food, you are getting estrogen based pesticides in a lot of it. Candy, I really think you can get well.

Very interesting videos, have been watching the rest of them also. Wish I could find a Dr like him in my area. Want to add that I have also suffered hair loss, crown is now thin.

These are functional medicine type physicians because they look at how the whole body is functioning and find out why the dysfunction.

When you have a lot of stress (emotional or chemical) and even gluten can be one of the stressors, your adrenals kick out cortisol. The higher the cortisol goes, the lower your thyroid goes but after a while the adrenals have trouble keeping up.

When they test cortisol (saliva test), it should be very high in the morning and drop down throughout the day until bed time when it should be low.

This video is much longer than the others but well worth watching to understand how the hormones function together and somewhat entertaining.

You wrote my story..symptoms wise, with abusive parents and depression and anxiety, forever, acne all over my body and pain,, eye issues. Struggling with everything every day and odd symptoms, that 30 doctors don't know what it is. It all came crashing down at age 47. when i had my ovary removed due to a cyst. They eventually found Hashimotos and i am still bad, after being on all type thyroid meds out there and treating with meds for 4 years now. I am going to a Functional medicine doctor and i think it may be the only chance at help. Mainstream medicine knows nothing about this, nothing..not about hormones and how they effect a person mentally and physically..nothing!!! I was on pshyc. meds for years too. I believe your problems are hormonal and autoimmune too. Are you in the US?

You did a very good job of explaining, much better than i could do. I have made a real mess of my med papers for the new doctor.

I really do understand.

Thank you for sharing too. With the low TSH and low free t3, i wonder if your pituitary is ok. ..headaches too. Have you had any head injuries? When the thyroid gland runs low on hormone, the Pituitary cranks out TSH, to get the thyroid to produce more. Your isn't doing that exactly.

Pituitary has never been brought up. Will put on list. No head injuries. You mentioned ovary cyst. I have suffered over the years occasional bouts of extreme pain in that area. So much pain I would need to slid out of bed, could barely walk. Dr looked into but nothing ever found.

Candy, sometimes the ileopsoas muscle has trigger points that wrap around to the area seeming to be the ovaries. This is stemming from the back which could be the source.

Some organs have no pain sensors like the spleen but I don't know about the ovaries.

I wish i knew how to interpret this.

You have been thru Hell. I'm so sorry for your suffering. No wonder you have gotten sick. Sometimes, it just takes a change in female hormones, to set things off. Like the perfect storm, the straw that broke the camels back. It happened to me. You are at the age of changing hormones, menopause too. This autoimmune thyroid thingy happens then, often. Have you been checked for the 2 anti bodies? And..ft3,reverse t3? If not, consider ordering your own labs, without a prescription. I used labcorp..walkinlabs. It was around $100 at the time for a full panel.

Will add those tests to the list. I've asked my Dr numerous times to run for t3 and t4, other than once running the free t3 nothing else done, just the tsh. I plan on this being the last request and will be going ahead and find somewhere where I can be tested. Now that I know there might be a fix for me I can't let it go. I had given up. Like I said, I only needed to make sure my boys were doing ok without me, I would most likely end my life. But now there might actually be help, so am thrilled to think I might be around to see grandchildren one day. :)

Don't let the doctors continue to take years of your life from you.

Were you on many anti depressants or benzodiazepines. Benzo's ruined my endocrine system. They disrupt the HPA Axis..goggle it if your were on them. I hope not!

Have been on anti depressants for years.. Right now I'm on bupropion, which I rarely take, Paxil and gave used temazepam for sleep since 2009. 2009 breakdown, family Dr put me on antidepressant that caused insomnia, as soon as psychiatrist saw me he took me off, on another anti depressant plus mirtazapine, mirtazapine turned my nightmares into psychedelic dreams, even more horrific, couldn't sleep and was afraid to sleep when I actually started to drift off. Soooooo, I don't know about benzo type med's, but have been on and off many, nothing has truly worked, just years of being depressed, Anxiety attacks, nervousness, etc. I think my body/mind slowly healed itself. Did suffer and still do occasionally from hand tremors. This was looked into by endo, but he could find no reason.

Temazepam is a benzo..i could tell by your symptoms, that you were. The hand tremor, is most likely a result of them. you are going to have to start researching the damage that they can do to the endocrine and immune systems. You may have always been anxious and depressed, but those meds cause it too.

Make sure it is the free's. Ask for antibodies..after this, you may have to go it on your own. Many of us here have.

You sound similar to me. I suffered with anxiety as a child and grew out of it. Then 2 years ago it took over my life, with headaches, bad sinus probes, IBS, ear problems, dizziness and tinnitus and still got it, very fatigued and very breathless and couldn't walk very far when I used to be very fit and went the gym 4 times a week. I was back and forth to the doctors. I eventually got diagnosed with a low thyroid and was having CBT at the time. It's taken 18 mths to get on the level that's right for me. Am on 100 mg of levothyroxine. Things got much better when went to a hundred. But it's a long road and it's not easy but hopefully my story will help you through. I also have pernicious anaemia which is low b12 and I get b12 injections every 3 months. I am much better now and live a full life. I am out all the time and back in the gym 3 times a week and go swimming too. Things are always worse before a period and can put up with that. Hope you find out the cause of the problem 👍😘

Thank you, makes me hopeful for myself. Im suffering with constant headaches lately, everyday. I also have ringing in the left ear. I mention to Dr but nothing ever done with it. Was just about to book appointment to have hearing checked because I've noticed hearing is now less in the left ear. Probably should go ahead just in case .:(

Yes you may need a referral for ENT that's another road need to go down myself. But I have a b12 booster spray and it perks you up when having a no energy day. Just keep on nagging the doctors for the tests. I ended up going the A + E twice as was desperate for answers

Hi Candytuff,

Somebody from Canada! :) On of my dreams is to go there!

If I was you I would follow the indications of Heloise. The closest to the truth here.

Sometimes the solution for the problems we have in life is just to keep it simple, focus on where the origin of the problem is, in order to not get you are.

I would look into the adrenal glands and kidneys and lymphatic system (the sewage system of the body).

When toxins don't come out of our body..they stay somewhere...isn't it. And when they stay inside us..they don't do good things..and when this goes on for years...

Hope this helped Candytuff :)

All the best for you :)

Thank you, and I have always wanted to go to the UK. My mother was born there, as were her siblings. Ahhh, someday.

Hi Candytuff,

make it your goal and it will happen.


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