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Brighton and Hove Thyroid Health Support Group - First meeting change of date!

Hi All, I have shifted the meeting date for the first Meetup to September 30th 2015 at 7.00-9.00pm, its in Hove - please PM me if you can make it and I'll give you the details - or check in on Meetup and register. It will be great to meet in real life to discuss the parlous state of thyroid treatment in the local area - or hear how brilliant your own healthcare professional is!

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Contact me on <email address removed by admin>

with meetup point. I would love to see this get the seriousness it deserves. A feature speaker would also add some gravitas to the group. The Good Food Club on the Western Road has lots of different tables and tucked away niches.

I think it is a great idea well done for starting it.


Oops,sorry that was yesterday and I had GP, and other family things to deal with. Can you make it today which is Thursday, October 1st???

I do apologise, but had not received an email.

Please call me on<phone number removed by admin>

today if still ok your end.



Sorry Orphaline, I did message you but didn't send a separate email. We had a good meeting with 6 of us, including Flower one of the admins here. We will be working on a new date for a months time and I'll also get some cards put together to go up on school/work/doctors notice boards. Not surprisingly no one is happy with their treatment in Brighton and we would like to become a voice with the commissioning body here, but we are a way off that yet! I will let you know potential dates for next meeting in a week or so.


Fantastic first meeting, please keep me in the loop for next one, can't wait.

I am more likely to check email than Health Unlocked at the moment...:)))


Hya just seen this support group would love to join . Be great to share experiences and ideas have been hypo since I was 28 never felt right since look forward to next meeting..


Hello good to hear from you! I'll post details of next meeting soon, it's also on Meetup it would be good if you could use that as it makes it easier for me to contact people.


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