First Thyroid Support Group in Hull

I attended the first support group today in Hull. Found some very interesting people and facts. I took my occupational health nurse with me, though sadly she thought our symptoms were nothing to do with our thyroid! Funny how we were all saying the same thing though!! It was definitely worth going and looking forward to the next! Thanks for organising it (I forgot your name!!...)

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  • Hello I was due to come to this but I got the date wrong and attended yesterday, so could not make it today. Could you let me have some feed back, would be appreciated.

  • Did you get my message? It was nice to meet up with others suffering the same brain fog and poor memory! Got some good links to endos and diet advice! We're going for a pub meal next time x

  • What did your OH nurse think your symptoms were down to?

  • Addisons and general wear and tear !

  • Have you been tested for Addison's? If you have Addison's, or another adrenal problem, it could be contributing to any thyroid problems. The two are very closely linked. Addison's or other adrenal insufficiency could explain why your TSH isn't high enough for a doctor to believe your symptoms are down to your thyroid. It is also very important to get any adrenal problems sorted out or your body won't be able to use the thyroxine very well. Please do get this tested. It might help.

    Carolyn x

  • Your Occupational Health Nurse may learn a thing or two by going to these meetings. I doubt she could name one clinical symptom - just like our GP's - no clue other than the diagnosing by the TSH blood test.

    I am glad the meeting went well. It is the support you get when you are all suffering similarly. When someone does get better it also boosts the morale of the others.

  • Did you find the group useful, I live in Hull,were you referredthrough your doctor. Whereabouts in Hull was the group please?

  • Hiya, it was useful but more nice to meet other people who are also suffering! I didn't feel like a weirdo as most people make you feel! We met at the country park inn in hessle. Though next time I think we are going to have a pub meal too! Very nice people and worth coming along. I think the next one is next month x

  • Can anyone go or do you need to be referred. Please let me know when you know date and time. I know the country park hotel . x

  • No anyone can go! Just look out for the advert on here for next one

  • thanks x

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