Brighton and Hove Thyroid Support Group

Hi folks, I would like to get a local support group off the ground in Brighton/Hove for anyone struggling with Thyroid issues. Would like to meet once a month, either daytime (I think I could get access to a community room for a couple of hours) or evening after 7.30pm (not Monday, Tuesday or Friday!) maybe in a local pub? Please reply with preference for time/day, thank you!

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  • This is brilliant news! :) We used to have a group on our list in that area, but they closed down a while ago now! :)

    I have pinned this for you.



  • Thank you for the encouragement! I've put a group up on Meetup too - Brighton Thyroid Health Support Group, to try and gather members, any idea why the last group closed? I can't believe that there are not enough people in the Brighton catchment area to warrant it... I guess everyone was too exhausted to go :(

  • I think that the lady who was organising it was too unwell.

    Give it time - you might get some takers yet! :) xx

  • I would be I interested in this. Day or evening. I work shifts so no preference on day, it would just depend on my rota.

  • Brilliant theminx, good to hear from you. I've put details up on you should be able to find it easily as Brighton thyroid health support group, the date/time/place can be changed but meetup wanted a first meeting detailed before listing!

  • Joined up! Can't do 17th due to work (and my attendance at meetings may be sporadic due to shifts but happy to support when I can).

  • Hi Liverish, I'm really interested too! Also fairly flexible as to day or evening meet up. Thought I had replied to you previously but must have been doing something wrong. sorry!

  • Excellent, did you find the details ok on I might need to move the date I have there according to people/venue availability, but I had to put a date in to set it up. Look forward to meeting you!

  • Hi Liverish, yes I've joined meetup, thanks so much for organising the group. Look forward to meeting you too!

  • Hi Liverish

    Only just seen...I would like to join in too pls.


  • Smashing! I know everyone has online forum overload but please can I ask you to check it out on, it's easier for me to administer there - it's not an onerous join up process and just means you'll get notifications of meetings, it doesn't take the place of forums like this... I'm looking forward to meeting everyone.

  • I've only just seen this but it sounds great. I've just joined on Thanks!

  • I would also be interested in a Brighton/Hove group. Daytime suits best for me, to accommodate everyone perhaps two could be organised day and evening one.

  • Hi Orpheline, I'm more than happy for that, it really depends on how many folk are interested and can make it. If you can't come to the one scheduled for 30th September I will ask and see if folks can make daytime ones, maybe we could alternate it each month, everything is possible!

  • Sure its a good start, just post where and when. :))

  • Hi liverish

    Flower told me to get in touch with you regarding meeting up with others here.

    I live in East Preston nr Littlehampton and would be happy to meet up one evening.

    Can you message me details please


  • Hi rose, certainly I'll be sorting out dates in the next few days and will make sure that you are copied, thanks for the interest!

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