Morpeth Thyroid UK Support Group Meeting - 10th Birthday!


Our next meeting will be on Friday 27th June, from 2pm. We meet at my house not far from County Hall, please send me a PM if you would like more information and/or directions.

This will be our 10th birthday so hope you can come along for a piece of birthday cake and a chat as well as thyroid news.

Barbara x

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  • Congratulations Barbara! :)

    Do you think anyone would like to buy a badge to celebrate..!? I could pop some out to you! :)

    Conference flyers....!? :)

  • Thanks Louise, can hardly believe it's 10 years!

    Possibly re the badges if they can reach me for Friday if not I could take orders at the meeting and let you know. Sorry for the late reply, just come back from a last minute holiday to Cyprus!

    I think I might have a conference flyer somewhere but if you email it to me I can print some out which will save you postage.


    Barbara x

  • Wow! Lucky you! Hope you had a lovely time! :) xxx Will pop some stuff out to you tomorrow... xx

  • Stuff arrived today - thanks Louise, superb service as always!

    Yes I had a great holiday thanks. Weather was fab, temp hit 40 one day!

  • Phew! :) xxxx Glad to hear it Barbara - you globe-trotter! ;) xxx

  • I hope to be able to attend although this will be my first meeting. I was diagnosed with Graves Disease in January 2014 and still not feeling great but better than I was.

  • Hi AL14,

    Sorry for the late reply, I've just come back from holiday. It will be lovely to see you if you can still make it on Friday. I've sent you a message with more information and my contact details.

    Barbara x

  • Hi Barbara,

    I was hoping I could attend one of your meetings as part of some research I am hoping to conduct into the management of hypothyroidism. Could you email me on



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