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25ug and 25mcg difference?


I had to buy these t3 from a different supplier, has I'm still waiting for delivery, things are rather desperate at the moment, the tablets I bought are 25 ug, they are smaller than the tiromel, I'm just wondering if there is a difference between ug and mcg?

I'm not feeling very good on these tablets, I've upped the dose to 75mcg but only just feeling a small difference for a couple of hours then feeling horrible again.

Thank you for reading

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There's no difference between ug and mcg - they both mean microgram.

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Thank you... That is what I thought, I was kinda hoping it was less, that would explain why I'm not feeling so good, makes me think I have a bad batch.


They are the same amount - it's not u but a Greek mu which is shorthand for mc. But if the tablets are a different brand they may have different fillers which don't agree with you - or they might have no hormone in them at all.


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