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Hashimotos and hypo. What's the difference??

I hope you all have had a good Christmas so far. I have decided not to make a New Years resolution but to make 2017 the year I will start to sort my health out. After finding this forum and having learnt so much from reading and speaking to people over the last 6 months I realised there is a lot more to being hypo then just taking some tablets and doing as you are told! My first question in what will probably be a long list is this. I have never been tested for hashimotos. What is the difference between being hypo and having hashi? Are there any indicators that I may have it and how important is it to get it tested/diagnosed? Is it just the antibodys that needs to be done on top of the normal routing tests or any others? Any info on the difference and testing etc much appreciated. Many thanks. 😊

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Ask your GP receptionist whether or not you were tested for thyroid peroxidase antibodies when you were diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

Hashimoto's is the autoimmune form of hypothyroidism. It gradually destroys your thyroid gland until you become hypothyroid. There is no cure or treatment for Hashimoto's but many people have found that 100% gluten-free diet is helpful in reducing Hashi flares, symptoms and eventually antibodies.


Thanks. I know they didn't test when I was first diagnosed. I was shown the results on the screen and it was only T4 and TSH.



You can ask whether your GP will test thyroid antibodies when you have your next blood test. Some GPs don't see the point when you are already diagnosed hypothyroid as it won't affect the treatment you have for hypothyroidism. Alternatively you can order a private thyroid test which includes both thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin antibodies.

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Thanks Clutter. I will ask 🙂


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