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First visit to Endo

Hi Gang!

I am having my first ever vist to and endo today, at Blackburn Royal Infirmary. Does anybody have any tips on what I should be asking? I have been diagnosed with hypothroidism since 1987 and I feel at rock bottom with my symptoms.

The way I feel now I am going to walk in a burst into tears so a structered plan of questions would be good ( I dont want to come across as neurotic of depressed!).

Any help would be much appraciated!


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Just tell him that you've been taking ? since 1987 but you still remain as unwell as before your were diagnosed and you are hopeful that he make you better and relieve all of your clinical symptoms.

Just leave the rest to him and let us know what the outcome is. Hopefully he will be knowledgeable and sympathetic. If you have a low Free T3 to show him, maybe he will add some T3 at the very least.

Don't mention anything else about changing to NDT unless he suggests it.


Most important is to take a clear list of questions

If possible can you take along a supportive friend or relative?

If you have them, take along all your thyroid blood test results from at least last few years.

Have you had your Vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 levels checked ever, or recently? they all need to be at high end of normal to enable body to use Levo.

Also, do you take Levo at bedtime?

If not you could ask Endo's opinion of doing so


Also suggest trying taking liquid Vitamin C with your Levo.


Both these may help improve your uptake of thyroxine


Thank you so much!! Of course I am totally unprepared and haven't got my latest blood results with me ( and I was being tested for levels of T3).

Ok I go in half an hour,, time to try and get some questions ready ( I am going on my own but as hubby is 'challenging' where understanding thyroid and my symptoms are concerned, I do think thats the best option!)

I will let you all know how I get on.


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