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First visit at Endo

So my first visit is finally here. As i mentioned in my previous post i have been diagnosed with Hashimoto in April. Can you please give me any advice how should i prepare myself for this visit, also do you think i will have my blood taken once again? If yes how should i act if appointment is at 13.30.

I want to do my best to don't be taken lightly and start treatment.

Any comments and advices are more than welcome.

Thanks in advance

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If your endo asks for bloods at that time of day tell him you'll have them done at your GP's surgery so that you can have them done early in the day when you haven't taken your daily thyroid medication. That's what I did. He should appreciate that you have done some homework on your thyroid condition.

When I see a new medic I take a copy of my 'medical c.v.' which is my medical history summarised in 1 page. It saves you having to remember when you had that operation or that illness or children were born, etc, as it has all the dates there and hopefully answers many of the questions they usually ask. I keep it on my computer and update as needed. I've had a doctor say how useful it is and he wished all his patients would bring one.

All the best.


As I said its my first visit so I don't take any thyroid medication yet, also I'm not sure what medical history should I bring, but after first visit I will surely fallow Your advise and start gathering it on the computer ready for future appointments.

I already made some research about my condition and got it on my phone ready, but I hope doctor will be knowledgeable enough so I don't have to use to much of it.

Thank very much for advise.


Just write down the things you want to remember to tell him/her. It's so easy to forget them when you are sitting there and the brain goes blank.

My medical list isn't just thyroid related (nobody mentioned thyroid until I was nearly 70) and isn't just NHS. My list includes dates of children's births, all operations I've had, food intolerances, any medicines and supplements I'm taking etc so it gives the overall picture.

Your endo would be interested in any family history of thyroid problems. Try to have a list of any questions you want to ask as well and write down his replies if you think you might forget. If he's helpful he might copy you in on the letter he sends to your GP after your visit.


He might ask for a blood test and you cannot do anything about the timing. He might tell you to make an appointment for a blood test and if so get the earliest.

Tell him you've been diagnosed with Hashimotos and see what he says first. If you're not happy with his reply and he says he wont prescribe yet say you have been researching the disease and have read it would be beneficial to now begin levothyroxine to 'nip things in the bud' rather than let the antibodies keep attacking your thyroid gland till you eventually become hypothyroid. Levo might alleviate some of your symptoms.

I hope all goes well for you.


Your endo will probably ask for blood tests so don't take any meds for thyroid you are already on as it confuses the result. You will probably be seen by 'a member of the team' which usually means a junior endo, ask the nurse when you are being weighed if you can wait and see the head honcho as he usually has more idea of what's going on. Don't be intimidated the endo is supposed to help so if he (or indeed she) gets shouty or tells you the opposite to what you know politely correct him/her and stick to your guns.


Quick update.

I will be short:

- double-triple antibodies are fine

- nodules in thyroid are natural sometimes

- ur tsh and t4 are in reference guide, ur sympthoms are from smth else

- u dont have hashimotos


Oh I forgot one:

- even if u would have hashimoto I wouldn't treat u coz there is nothing to treat

Very entertaining and educating appointment. I prefer to fly back to my home country every two months to see doctor to diagnosed me than dealing with undereducated idiots.

Any advice what I can do in uk beside going to my country? Thx


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