When to have first blood test after diagnosis

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at the beginning of August with a TSH of over 30. I was prescribed 50 mg of thyroxine and asked to be reviewed after six weeks. After my blood rest this week the lab rejected it saying it was too early and that I should not be tested until November which would be four months after initial diagnosis. After reading about the condition this seems too long to wait. Can anyone offer me advice please? Thanks

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  • Normally 6-8 weeks after and am afraid that labs often think they know better than the GP. Speak to your GP, he may well need to write something else on the request.

  • Hi! I'm 50 and was diagnosed at about age 35, after having 3 kids. That does seem too long to wait to re check your levels. I was on about 125mcg of Levothyroxine back then. Now 175, but my endocrinologist is wonderful at Vanderbilt and just let my try Armour(pig thyroid) after15 year of family MD had me on Levothyroxine. I feel soooo much better! But everyone is different. But my strongest advice is to go to endocrinologist!!!!!!!!! I wish I hadn't waited almost 15 yrs! Good luck!!! Stay diligent!

  • All the advice I have seen says 6-8 weeks initially and after every increase in dose.

  • Thanks very much for your replies. I have now made a further appointment with my GP and will definitely push for an earlier blood test

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