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Annual blood test

Well, went for the usual yearly bloods and after they had been drawn I asked for my blood pressure to be checked, Resulting in an immediate appointment with the doctor for stage 3 hypertension.

First question after looking at tubby old me, do you exercise much .... Sunday 5 miles off road mountain biking, Tuesday 30 lengths swimming, Thursday walking 1 mile.. ha!

With the knowledge gained from this site I was able to ask loads of questions, is high bp not a sign of under treated hypothyroidism, what my T3 like (never been checked) vit d levels etc.

So full range of bloods to be checked.

Thanks for giving me the confidence to speak up whereas before I have been too emotional to say anything and usually leave the docs in tears.

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That is really good to read.

No-one in their right minds would expect anyone not to be emotional talking to a doctor about their health issues like this. Especially with poor handling of the issues and bad previous experiences.

So very well done keeping sufficiently in control.



Why were you only having an annual blood test? I have 3-6 monthly and always have had.


Once we are deemed to have reached the 'appropriate' dose of thyroxine, and are therefore 'stabilised' , it is usual to only be tested once per year. My 'annual review' is due now, and my surgery will not allow me a new thyroid medication prescription until I get a blood test and see the doc. So, it's a two fold thing. They have to review any medication that is on 'repeat prescritpion' annually, and they also can claim a payment for checking your thyroid levels annually.

If however, you also have other health issues and are prescribed other medications, or are not deemed to yet be on a stable dose of thyroid medication, then more frequent testing is usual.


Thanks was a little confused as both my daughter and I are checked more often and so was my Mum. We all have/had other health issues so probably explains this.


I am glad you were able to defend your corner with the GP this time and hope all the results of the tests enable you to be properly treated to get well.


Thanks guys,

initially I was tested more often then because my results came back " NORMAL" i have only been tested yearly for the past 3 years.

Will let you know how it goes.


Well done, I hope you get answers :)


Probably a good idea to have BP taken before a large needle is plunged into your arm???


I don't mind needles doesn't bother me one bit certainly doesn't get me worked up.


I do not know how you remember everything my mind goes blank when I get to see my GP



Mines usually does too, hence the leaving in tears, I got to see a different doc and the first thing she said was my levo was quite a low dose so I just took the opportunity from there.


Well, it has taken all month, back and forward for bloods twice, blood pressure twice, today I came home to 2 messages from the doctors to phone them, I now have an appointment on Friday to discuss. It usually takes weeks to get a pre bookable appointment.

My blood pressure was 173/110 now down to 153/110 with additional medication.

The first results my thyroid levels were 1.67 which seems good and renal function normal.

Bit worried now.


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