Is my doc unable to read my blood result lol??

Spoke to my doctor today to get my 1st lot of blood results since T3 was started good news no diabetes. When I asked for my thyroid results she said they are a little better when I asked for the levels she hum and ahhh . Couldn't get face to face was on phone. Then I told her that I will run out of T3 in about 4 weeks due to the Prob with my script and she says I don't think I will be able to prescribe it I will have to check so I have to ring her back in 2 weeks . She saI'd she has to do some research. If it's been ok by the consultant why is the doctor not able to carry on prescribing. It's a pain in the arse. Bit pissed off knew this would happen !

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I can imagine {{hug}}.

Sounds like she didn't really understand what she was looking at. Your TSH would've been much lower, your FT4 lower and your FT3 higher most likely, and she probably got whittled (a) by the low TSH and (b) the low FT4.

Was your endo an NHS one? Is so, you should be ok. It shouldn't be her decision to mess with what the endo wants for you, and he made it very clear he wants you on T3.

Yeah he is nhs ...The problem is that the liothyronine he gave me he thought he gave me enough until I see him. He gave me 10 was worth. I had 2 weeks worth of 5mcg to be taken 3x day for 2 weeks. Which I did then had blood test . Then I was supposed to start 10mcgs 3x day but these were capsules he gave me 8 weeks of them. The problem is the capsules he gave have a short shelf life of 5 weeks which means I have to throw away 3 weeks worth or take back to chemist. So basically I will effectively run out before I see him next. So I thought I would tell her in advance so I wouldn't run out. She said she doesn't think she is allowed to prescribe T3 only the consultant. I just don't understand why only endos are allowed to prescribe. I assumed 1 the endo prescribed the doctor was allowed to carry that on . Confused x

Barking. I think she's wrong, for what it's worth - and here's why.

My other half is on NHS prescribed liothyronine. Although the endo said she should have it, he couldn't prescribe it, only fill in a form which went to my OH's doctor saying it should be prescribed by the GP. We had all sorts of fun and games with that one, cos we thought that form was a prescription and it was very disappointing when we found out we'd have to wait for the GP to get to it in her in-tray. But the GP issues the prescription, not the endo. I'm not saying endos can't prescribe directly but ours didn't.

It's all on repeat prescription now. Funny about the capsules - how odd that he gave you those. (?!?). Makes no sense!

And, for what it's worth, I think you'd be better off taking those capsules past their expiry date, rather than have nothing. Yes, out of date pills do lose potency, but 3 weeks out of date is loads different to 3 years out of date. :)

My endo prescribed mine and said I shouldn't have a Prob lol with the doc. But doc is making big bloody issue I don't know lol. Will see if she can get authorised to prescribe it. I don't know wether it's cos I'm in Wales lol. I lived in England before but we are only 6 miles over the border . X

I'm sure you've probably realised how expensive it is for the NHS. The junior doctors in a surgery are terrified of having to justify the expense to the senior partners in the practice. It's crazy, coz liothyronine is dirt cheap in Europe - can be bought for £1.76 for a packet of 30. But the NHS are charged (by the makers of the liothyronine) nearer to £100 a packet. Heads ought to roll that the pharmaceutical company gets away with that, but somehow, no one has ever taken that on...

I know it's crazy so many people need this hormone and I think it's wrong people have to resort to self medicate. I was saying to some one that I might just get my Bro who lives and works in Turkey to bring me some over . I can't be arsed with all this aggro I'm to ill for it xx

Ooh Jazzw, you're a bit optimistic with your pricing there!

"Liothyronine sodium (Non-proprietary) Prescription only medicine

Tablets, scored, liothyronine sodium 20 micrograms, net price 28-tab pack = £152.18"

^^ quoted from this page in the BNF - scroll to the bottom and click on "liothyronine sodium" :

Total insanity!

More out of date than optimistic - that's what it was when my OH was first prescribed it - good grief, £150???? 😮 That's gone up massively - and it was bad enough to start with.

That's insane x

Yes, it has gone up so fast that I have to keep checking that page to see how much the NHS is being sucked dry this month. This is why GPs are getting banned from prescribing it. It is good for Pharma though - all those sick people needing more and more drugs. They must be rubbing their hands with glee at T3 being banned.

I just absolutely bloody gobsmacked didn't realise that's why they were getting banned . I'm lucky I even got my hands on any in first place and capsules lol. God so many people need these to stay alive good job I have a Bro in Turkey who can get me some . They should be ashamed !! X

Yikes. So my OH's liothyronine is costing over £300 a month... She's worth it every penny I think - but this is a plain awful situation. Only a matter of time before they refuse to prescribe it any more then. Good job I accidentally ordered too much Naturethroid (that's what I take) last month... :)

Looks like I will have to jump On the band wagon get some otherwise I might end up with nothing . X

And wasn't it only about GBP 8 (sorry US keyboard) when Goldshield sold it?

I've read posts where those kind of prices are quoted. But it was before my time (in terms of learning anything about the thyroid I mean).

What astonishes me is that the NHS themselves haven't thrown their hands up in horror and made a general plea for other manufacturers to apply for a license. It seems to be the only organisation in the world that drives prices up during the negotiation process.

I'm on the same system with my endo. The GP actuAlly writes the prescription.

Sorry just me but I don't understand lol I'm new to all the jargon that's why I never responded to j_b my doc won't write me a script for t3 will for t4 but endo doesn't want me on T4 . Well for the foreseeable future anyways x

Sorry to hear that you are betwixt and between as it were. Neither your GP or Endo seem to want to take responsibility do they? Stick with us here and learn a lot to take care of your own health. Think GPs won't write scripts for T3 because it comes out of their budgets. Hope you get something sorted.

Ty I will do this group has already been great help x

Can you not take the expired liothyronine back to your pharmacist & get them to swop out the expired for an "in date" relacement?

I never thought about it I guess I could try it still got a fee weeks but not long x

Since I was diagnosed I have cultivated a good relationship with my pharmacist as I find he is more knowledgable than the Dr.... I often pop in to see him & discuss symptoms, etc. with him rather than the Dr. & he actually listens !! :)

So are you from the UK? I didn't know they might be able to do that I guess anything is worth a try x

Yup - I'm in the UK, south of London in Surrey. My pharmacist was brilliant in helping me come off Lyrica (misdiagnosed with anxiety) as the Dr didn't have a clue how to ease me off. After consulting with him I went back to the Dr. & told her the regime I wanted & stuck to my guns.

I was then diagnosed as hypo & now all I do if I have a question is either pop in if I'm passing or make an appointment to see him. Not sure if all pharmacists do this though. The pharmacy is part of the Day Lewis group.

Must be nice to have that sort of relationship with ur pharmacist..I used to live in London born and breed live in Wales. I have heard of lyrica just nog sure what it is x

Lyrica is used to treat nerve and muscle pain caused by diabetes, shingles, fibromyalgia, or a spinal cord injury as it basically interrupts the signals from the nerve endings to the brain. Treatment of anxiety is an off label use for the drug.

What I wasn't told by the "professionals" is that it's seriously rough to come off - much like coming off strong opiates.

That's what I been trying to do come off opiates even tho I need the pain killers they just make me bleh but the withdrawal are nasty so hard to get off them.x

typical of a g.p. that is totally out of their depth and more concerned by the latest political doctrine ---DIABETIS--- why oh why are these people actually called professionals ...... because there are some out there that actually know what they are doing and act on their knowledge ....... I hope you get the info that you need as well as the CORRECT MEDS .....alan

Thanks hun I'm just gobsmacked tbh you know 1 or 2 u think we'll they have had a long day but this isn't the 1st time lol I been there 3 yrs and all that time lol they got read them wrong. I tried different docs in the practice and same bloody thing not 1 noticed how sick I was. I went in crying saying I knew there was something wrong I said I barely eat how can I go from 72kg to 123 kg in space of a yr and I also complained I don't have urge to urinate and I try drink loads I was lucky to go 1 a day. I just don't understand it. My bowels weren't moving nothing . I don't know wether the urination thing is thyroid but this docs has nearly put me in my grave . I'm just so angry x

we had the same problem initially [ my lady ] who was being '''treated ''' by an --endo-- who it transpired to be a diabetic specialist , and if we had gone on with his advice my lady would still be going back and forth as an inpatient [ at the time she was spending every other week in hospital ] luckily enough I gained the best info from this site and re- educated our g.p. -- who is brilliant -- and now after 3.5yrs we are more or less there ......she went from approx 120lbs to. 75lbs to now the other way approx. 210lbs --- but together we are getting there and we will crack it ......hope you get to where you want to be .....alan xxx

Ty it's just so bloody tiresome I don't wanna have to change doc surgery either but this is ridiculous as that would just add more bloody confusion ty hun x

Although not on T3 I posted before details of a letter I sent to MP on the cost.The reply from the Minister ,George Freeman which I quoted here a few weeks back said that patients should not be denied the meds they need solely on cost. The NHS complaints procedure could be used ,see NHS Choices.

His letter was remarkably complacent about the price difference here and in

Greece. Gave possible explanations but no offer to investigate.

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