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Regarding my 'Blood results' for anyone who has read Music 1

I don't know how to 'update' all who kindly commented and advised on my post regarding my blood results (TSH jumping) and ivf being cancelled, and then additional results from GP implying something else was wrong.


I just had a 'call back' from GP regarding my bloods. She couldn't wait to get off the phone. I would say she was on there for possibly a minute tops. She said "everything was fine". My kidney function was ....errrr and possibly I wasn't drinking enough water. I replied I drink a lot of water, and had done that morning as I didn't want to be told they couldn't find a vein. That has happened in the past. I was told I should 'fast' but not drink anything other than water.

She said my GGF levels and protein were due to 'alcohol' and I should cut down. I just laughed at her and said "I have Hashimoto's since last June". I haven't had any alcohol at all.

She didn't have a reply. I could just hear her tapping away on the keyboard, probably writing "Hashimotos' and 'Gluten intolerant" in my notes. None of these are new. I've had them a year and I would think they are all over my notes by now. Maybe I should buy her a 'highlighter pen'.

Enquiring on my TSH, she said "it's 4. You're fine, go back and tell your clinic you can start". I told her they needed it to be lower than 1 to start, and asked why it was 10.7 when the clinic tested the week before and jumped to 4 a week lated. She said "I don't have answers for these labs".

End conclusion/ advice from her: Cut out alcohol, which I haven't drunk in a year, come back in 3 weeks time to see if my bloods were a 'blip'. What a waste of time. She it completely useless. So angry. Now I can see why my poor mum got so frustrated after 2 years of visits and finally being told "opps you have stage 4 ovarian cancer, your life will never be the same again". Grrr so angry. If they don't know, why don't they make a referral to someone who does?

Sorry, a day off work with no pay to tell me to 'stop drinking' and it was poss a 'blip'.

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That's shocking! Your poor mum. Much the same thing happened to my mum, too. :'(


Sorry to hear your mum had the same thing :( My mum passed away. Diagnosed too late


Same with my mum, only it was bladder cancer. :(




I think you need a new doctor, urgently.


I'm wondering if I should change GP surgery. It's convenient to get there/ close etc, but they don't have regular employed GPs and the locum I tend to see is... useless and I have no faith in her. I did try another surgery but they didn't have any spaces.


I would try the other doctors in the surgery you currently have, if that is at all possible. If that fails and you end up with random doctors who are all useless, then I suspect that your only choice will be to find another surgery. The NHS Choices website has a GP surgery finder :


There may be surgeries around that you don't realise are there, but you would have to check if they were taking new patients, and do your own research about whether they were any good.

Your other option is to self-medicate, like so many of us do (which costs money, but you do have more choices for treatment other than Levo). But then you have the additional expense of paying for appropriate testing, and once you start treating yourself you will never get a diagnosis of hypothyroidism from the NHS (unless you already have one and are just under-medicated).

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My dad had a similar experience - told he had dementia when he had pernicious anaemia. By the time we got a private referral he had to much neurological damage to be fixed. GPs/NHS are great for acute illness but rubbish at anything long-term


So sad to hear about your dad. They 'get there in the end' but often after it's too late and the damage is done. I was bought up being told that GPs were amazing, saved lives and were always right etc. When my mother was told there was nothing wrong with her, I really should have questioned things a lot faster and got a private MRI or something. Sorry to hear about your dad x


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