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Thyroxine taken day or night? give me your opinions please, feel better or worse?

Hi everyone

I have an underactive thyroid

I forgot to take my 50mcg of thyroxine last night before bed, have taken it at night for at least 2 years after reading research it does you "better" at this time?

I've suffered nothing but insomnia for all this time, poor quality sleep, waking up 3 or 4 times during the night...

this morning I woke up feeling refreshed and slept straight through, do you think it's because I didn't take my thyroxine?

I also take 25mcg of T3 when I wake up

what's your opinion on this?

by taking thyroxine first thing in the morning, am I likely to feel groggy all day as I feel groggy and sleepy all day after taking it at night normally



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Maybe the thyroxine doesnT suit you.

If you are taking t3, i presume that there is a problem converting the t4 into t3? If thatS the case, what do you take the t4 for?

X g


Hi Wayne, Just my opinion but I don't feel that it matters to me what time of day I take my levothyroxine. However you are on a very low dose and this is more likely to be your problem. Get your bloods checked as I think it's likely that your dose needs to be increased. Regards Dee


Wayne, take the T4 with the T3 in the morning for a few days and see whether your sleep improves.


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