Iron pills make me feel worse

I have been on ferrous sulfate 325mg 3forx a day for the past month and have honestly been feeling 80% better. however, all week I've been feeling worse. I get short of breath everytime I take the pills, I'm dizzy when i wake up until I go to bed, and I have had headaches . I also feel nauseousat least 8 hours on and off out of the day. ever since I started taking the pills twice a day I'm feeling worse. what is going on????

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  • You could consider one of the other iron supplements - of which there are several. Have a look here:

  • Hi plashae00 having exact same problem. And stopped today after a week. took 3 x ferrous fumarate today (210 mg not side effects but chest painful ?!? Xx

  • Think it's acid as had cardiac tests done x

  • Acid causes you to feel nauseous and stuff?

  • Not high acid, no, I don't think so. But low acid can - which most hypos have - because undigested food stays in the stomach and ferments. Just thinking about it makes me nauseous!

  • I have been on ferrous sulfate 325mg 3forx a day for the past month and have honestly been feeling 80% better

    Can you confirm how many you've been taking please.

  • Well my pills lasted exactly a month so 3 times 30 is how many I've taken . I take two a day for like a week now

  • Ok, so you were on three a day for 30 days, and now you're on two a day? Is that correct? And what strength are the pills?

    And the symptoms started when you lowered the dose? Why did you lower the dose? Have you had a recent blood test to see how well you're doing?

    So many questions, but all the little details are so important. :)

  • I don't know what you mean by strength. and yes the symptoms started after I lowered my dose. my hands/legs are numb I feel tired as hell etc. now that I only take two pills. but the doctor told me to take two so idk. and my last good test was September 24th and my rresuts are good. hgb 13.1 hemotacrit 40 sommething and rbc normal . but I still feel anemia symptoms. and I bleed heavy

  • Well, are they 250 mg? 62 mg? 943 mg? How much iron is in each pill?

    So, all that was good on 24th, but what was your ferritin?

  • 325mg , 65mg elemental iron in each pill. & i never got my ferritin tested. idk why.

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