I have just been to see the doctor about my current blood test results which, once again, showed my TSH and T4 to be in range, meaning that the lab refused to test my antibodies. This has been going on for some time so I did a Blue Horizon test which came back positive for antibodies.

I was expecting the doctor to say that everything was normal so there was nothing to be done and, I wasn't disappointed.

But then he asked me how I was feeling now and then he referred back to the letter I sent him with the results of my Blue Horizon tests, where I had quoted Dr Toft (thanks to administrator Shaws on this forum) about a trial of Levo.

Here is the dilemma. First he asked me if I'd like a trial of Levo, on a low dose, to see if it made a difference. I was not expecting that! He said that the only problem with that is that it would skew any future blood tests. But then he said he could refer me to an endo instead.

I went in expecting nothing and was suddenly offered a choice of levo or endo.

I am not good at making decisions at the best of times but this was pretty major and I had about 30 seconds to make up my mind!

I chose the referral. I think I made the right decision but I'm wondering what you all think?

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  • No, i would have gone for the meds and then if they didnT work ask for a referral. You can always write and tell hime you have thought about it and changed your mind.

    G x

  • Oh no!! I don't like having to make decisions on the spot lol. I just thought if I didn't take the referral I might not get the chance again. Whereas if I see the endo he can prescribe if necessary and I might actually get some sense out of him. The GP I have been seeing recently is quite nice but, I suspect, pretty clueless!!

  • Some Endos are not much use either! You could always phone the GP's secretary and ask her to get the GP to write a prescription.

  • I'm almost scared to ask this galathea, but I see from your profile you are in my area - Dorset. Do you have an 'inside' info about Endos at Dorchester hospital or are you in a different part of Dorset?

  • Ha ha ha, will write to you privately and tell you what happened with the local endo. :-)

  • I got referred to an endo based on private bloods much like yours & he was utterly hopeless. I wasn't offered Levo anyway, but knowing what I know now I wouldn't want to take it anyway. I self medicate with NDT as no one would give me anything

  • That's very interesting HarryE. I must admit, having done a fair bit of research and reading lots on here, I feel very apprehensive about Levo. I have read lots of positives about NDT but, apart from the fact I wouldn't have a clue where/what to buy, self-medicating scares me too!

  • You have to decide what is right for you. I felt I had no choice, and it was still scary.

    But as to what & where to buy - you can certainly get help with that.

  • levothyroxine works well for about 85% of the people who take it. It worked brilliantly for me for 10 years and i thought it was a miracle hormone. It was only when it stopped working that my battles with the docs began.

    Before then, i never used a forum or had any contact with other hypothyroidians..... so dont go on the doom and gloom you sometimes see on here.... We tend to be the 15% who have a problem.....

    You might find you are one of the 85%,

    X. G

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