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Advice in obtaining NDT /armour , endo prescribed private prescription ...very expensive and not easy to get hold of

I have been posting about my daughter who is 26 and has been very unwell on Levo for 3 years . She has been prescribed Armour by an endo and doing very well .. Her Dr is not interested in prescribing on a named basis even though the improvement is so obvious ... She has a monthly private prescription ..£100 not sure if she will be able to keep taking it due to the cost .she has tried splitting the higher doses but they turn to dust ,, the pharmacist tried for her too ,,, are there any other options that anyone could pm me with so far as obtaining cheaper supply , Or any advice on convincing the Dr that Levo was making her ill and he should have a duty of care to her .thankyoo


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Armour is the most expensive NDT. NatureThyroid, WP, NP and Erfa are more affordable. Your daughter might try the Thai NDT Thyroid-S or Thiroyd which are less expensive than the US and Canadian NDT.


Thankyou , wonder why ? Would endo change script to cheaper options would you think ? No prescription needed I doubt though .Thanks again


Hi there

I get 2 grains per day of naturethroid from a pharmacy in Essex (by post) which is recommended by thyroid UK. It costs about 35 per month. I get prescriptions of 100 days at a time because naturethroid comes in bottles of 100 so it makes it easier for the pharmacist.

Good luck

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It would be cheaper to buy it yourself!


Would it be cheaper to buy without a prescription ?


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