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Cortisol and thyroid results? (Privately)

hello there, i posted this post about an hour ago but something happens to the website and now its vanished so il do it again lol :P so iv been battling weird symptoms of dizzy spells, vertigo, cant sit or stand up for long without faint feeling, extreme fatigue, hot flushes (im male), plus many more.

i decided to get some private tests done as the doctors mainly just tell me its stress etc but i am being treated for pots as i get blood pooling in my feet when unright but i feel it could be something else, can i please get some advice/guidance on my results below pleasssse?

Saliva Cortisol 24 test

Morning 11.7 12.0 - 22.0 Low

second 5.6 5.0 - 9.0 normal

third 5.1 3.0 - 7.0 normal (had to go for a nap because of extreme fatigue)

bedtime 1.8 1.0 - 3.0 normal



FREE THYROXINE 12.8 pmol/l 12.0 - 22.0

FREE T3 6.1 pmol/L 3.1 - 6.8

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That 2nd read is hardly normal given your very low start up reading. Just off the lower limit.

Are you on meds?

The FT3 seems high-with such a low FT4


nope not on any meds for thyroid, andrels or anything hormonal etc. im being treated for POTS but apart from that im undiagnoised :(


I would start taking your waking temperature to see if it's low by a degree or more and if it rises through the day, as it should.

Look on the MAG Facebook site for tips on healing the adrenals [ Potassium ,as in Coconut water; WHOLE Vit C and some sea salt & half lemon added, if possible].

The high T3 still has me guessing versus ther other two figures.

Maybe others can comment- there's a lot of experience here...


thank you so much trevg for taking the time to rpely to me im super grateful :) its weird because i took my temp this morning when i got up and it was 95 f (35 c), i remember quite some time ago doing it and every morning and it was low?

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That T4, T3 combination is really weird! I I hope someone who knows a lot will come through and comment on it! Theoretically T3 is the important number, and people with no thyroid taking T3 only medicine can have results similar to yours, and it's not supposed to matter.

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nowi m super confused lol, also just posted about my basal temperature being super low :S what the hells going on lol


Nothing much- you just have strange results. They may need redoing to make sure rather than chase for answers now. SilverA is right, it 'looks like' you're taking T3 -and that is HARD to get by those who need it.

I'm starting on it soon so will be an expert not long after ;)


Yea, one possibility is that it is just a mistake. Labs do theoretically make them.

Also you've been a bit unlucky here, because your post hasn't attracted the attention of any of the really knowledgeable regulars. You will probably be asked to post your results I the other thread. Maybe you'll be be lucky, and this unusual result will point really clearly to a specific issue.

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