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I just had a thyroid test done and the results were 3.327 TSH...nothing else was tested unfortuntely. My doctor is becoming my worst person ever. The range for the TSH is: 0.320 - 5.500 uiu/ml. She's refusing to do any further the T3 and T4 because she believes the TSH was "enough." So, I'm sitting here with no hair anywhere on my body; so fatigued I can't get off my couch to do anything (I'm 67), and miserable. Thinking about changing to another insurance (I now have Kaiser) next year and that way I'll get a new doctor. Very frustrating and so unnecessary.

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  • Sweetsusie, TSH 3.327 is high enough to cause hypothyroid symptoms. Your FT4 and FT3 are probably within range but unlikely to be optimal. There's not much to be done except wait until your thyroid levels are abnormal. Some doctors in the US have adopted a lower TSH range where >3.0 is seen as abnormal. I don't know how you can find such doctors but sites like Mary Shoman's, Gena Nolin's (ThyroidSexy) and hypothyroidmom's may be able to advise.

  • You are a wealth of information, Clutter! Thank you so much..yes..I plan on switching insurance coverage and getting a new doctor in Jan. 2016. This is just ridiculous..not to mention dangerous for me and many others like me.

  • Susie, it's as ridiculous here in the UK, symptoms are non-thyroidal until bloods are abnormal, and bang, as soon as TSH hits >5 (>10 in some benighted areas), and It's Your Thyroid!

  • Very surprised to hear that because we always understood that in USA any TSH over 2.5 was considered Hypothyroid

  • Some time ago I asked PR4NOW to post explaining that the USA really isn't that much better than the UK. At its best, yes, it does seem to be somewhat better. But an awful lot of people never get anywhere near the best.

    There were moves to reduce the top of the TSH range in the USA - but the idea of a universal (within the USA) top of range at 2.5 is a myth. They have varied ranges just like us. (Indeed, even when various bodies have suggested changes, they seem never to grasp the nettle of laboratory variations.) While some ranges did get tightened up to something like 3.5, it is inconsistent.

  • I guess not...I wish it were that way...and it should be! Ridiculous that we have to fight to have our health issues taken seriously.

  • helvella - thanks for the support...I do not understand why these idiots are so closed minded and in my humble opinion, back in the dark ages....

  • I would write a letter to your GP, copy to Practice Manager, stating that they're doing nothing to help you regain your health. State what you want them to do, sometimes you just have to very assertive with these lazy doctors.

  • Now there's an idea! I may do just that, but am changing doctors and insurance in January. The doctor I'll be going to is one I had many years ago and I just love him. The only reason I stopped going to him was because he shut down his private practice and went to hospital care he's back in private practice again. I think he'll be able to help me.

  • sweetsusie - worth trying to get the NHS to do more blood tests. Good news that you'll be changing to a doctor you're happy with.

  • I grew up with Kaiser and it was the worst! You can order your own testing online in the States and (depending on where you live) it's very easy to find a place to get the blood drawn. I used Life Extension--a bit pricey for the tests, but for me it was worth it because the doctors were all so frustrating or useless. For some reason, my computer won't load their website right now, so I can't give you the exact site, but you just go to and search for thyroid panel blood test. They have a few different thyroid testing options available--I usually just ordered the one with free t3, free t4 to save some money.

  • Also, if you're not interested in self-testing and self-medicating (which so many of us have been driven to after decades of seeing terrible doctors), it might be worth going outside of Kaiser for an appointment or two, rather than waiting all the way until January to feel better! StopTheThyroidMadness and ThyroidChange, I think, have lists of doctors, by area, who prescribe Armour, etc.

  • Julie11 - I will check out the information you gave to me. Thank you very much!

  • cinnamon_girl: I will make a list for my new doctor of the tests I would like the lab to do. Hopefully, he'll be OK with that.

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