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Hi folks

Actually this a follow up to my other post regarding the same thing chest pain, i have just got back from seeing the Cardio who said i do not have Angina but due to my family history(heart disease on both mother and fathers side) i need a Cat scan with dye of my heart to see if i have mild furring of the arterys.

My cholesterol is raised 6.2 good cholesterol 1.7 both my parents had high cholesterol and she said it was in my genes.

If the Cat scan comes back okay no further treatment is required but if there is mild furring i need to put on statins as she said due to the fact i am post menopausal my risk of heart attack is very much raised.

I have very mild mitral valve leakage and the Cardio reckons the pain was coming from that. i am so nervous about statins and would appreciate any bodys input regarding them and the effect they have when taking Levo.


Dotti x

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  • My husband is on both, no problems at all, no side effects from the statins either.

  • Thanks for the reply thats good to know


  • Magnesium could be low. Difficult to test as msgnesium resides in the cells and not in the blood. The highest amount is to be found in the heart.

    Excellent book by Carolyn Dean - The Magnesium Miracle ...... new edition.

  • Great thanks Marz


  • .... are you taking magnesium ?

  • No not at the moment but am seriously thinking of buying some , is there a specific type i should purchase?



  • There are lots available. You could try thr Better You spray to avoid more tablets 😊 Avoid stearate if at all possible. Have a google .....

  • Magnesium spray is good as marz suggested. Me and my mom have been using better you spray for long time. My mom had palpitations and mild pain but nothing wrong with her heart. Magnesium helped her immediately.

    If you get heart attack you are given magnesium through IV so doctors dort of know it is essential for heart but for some reason doesn't understand supplementing magnesium can be helpful as well.

    Doesn't hurt to try the spray as it does not have side effects :)

  • Did you ever get your iron levels checked?

  • Not recently had them tested a few years ago and think it was with in range, but could do to have it tested again as it was so long ago, but no go where my G P is concerned and at the moment cant afford to have it done privately.


  • It isn't as expensive as you might think for a finger prick test :

  • levo speeds up your metabolism and that leads to other problems . Pains on right side of chest and arm when walking uphill .In my case angiogram and ultrasound found nothing other than irregular veins .Eh?

    Anyway, the solution was beta blockers. A book on thyroid problems by a GP I read said angina problems often followed starting levo and beta blockers were the answer.

    Statins are best avoided.See Dr Malcolm Kendrick's blog.

    I believe they interfere with levo.See "The Dummies Guide to Thyroid"

  • Thanks everyone for your replies very helpful


  • Very very interesting thanks Sandy12


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