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Hello, Is Nutri thyroid the same as Nature throid or any of the prescription desiccated hormone only in non prescription form?

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No. If is was desiccated thyroid it would not be allowed to be sold without a prescription.

Nutri thyroid SHOULD have the active hormones removed and be left only with the 'stuff' that helps to support the thyroid.




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There IS one form of Natural Desiccated Thyroid which is perfectly legal to buy without prescription and which has active hormones like Armour and Nature Throid etc.

It is called Thyro-Gold and was developed by Dr John Lowe. It was a deliberate decision of Dr Lowe that this should be sold as a 'food supplement' so that it does not require a prescription. But it is a full-strength Thyroid Hormone Replacement made from pasture-fed NZ cows.


This is the link to the website. Sadly Dr Lowe died two years ago (Where does the time go?) but his widow, Tammy, still administers the website and continues to ensure that those who want to use this form of thyroid replacement can still obtain it. Being from bovine rather than porcine thyroid it suits anyone who prefers not to take pig-derived products.


You can get Thyro-gold from iherb.com in the US. I don't think they do Nutri-meds Thyroid (Nutri-meds won't ship to the UK anymore) but that's another one. If anyone wants to try iherb.com you can use my 5% of code for the first order ZAK826.



I can't find Thyro-gold there - and would have been surprised if I had!



Ah, they had it in last year (I bought some, as I couldn't get Nutri-meds anymore). But now they DO have the Nutri-meds porcine and bovine thyroid health, but not Thyro-Gold.


marram Thank You! so much for the link it is really appreciated. I used to buy Erfa from Canada without prescription but then they changed that to prescription only, good to know there is somewhere else I can get it from wothout a script.

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Hi Ya,

no Nutri thyroid is a add on to support i.e. an glandular made up of animal thyroid but contains no thyroxin, You cannot get natural thyroid with out a drs prescription but this is not recommended as you need to know the dose.


john C

Admin edit - do not give details of where to get UK-Prescription only meds without a prescription.


Thank you John. This answers my question. She (my daughter) already has a prescription for nature throid, natural hormone. Just wondered if the other is a supplement as you clarified.

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