How long before you started feeling better with Nutri Adrenal Extra & Nutri Thyroid supplements? Also, what should I be doing 'Diet' wise?

I recently went to see Dr Peatfield and have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. I was already taking NAE and have recently started taking the Nutri Thyroid supplements. How 'quickly' did people start seeing results?

Also, in terms of diet, I raised this at my appointment and was advised just to not eat things that antagonise my tummy i.e. bread, pasta etc. What kind of diet is recommended with a Hypothyroid diagnosis? Having given up smoking recently I am very concerned to balance this out and 'work with' the supplement to assist improvement.

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they did absolutely nothing fo rme

I started on them and asked for advice on this forum, the consensus of opinion is that these had not been helpful in other's experiences and to test my B12, follate, iron, ferritin, Vit D3 and calcium. If any are low (even if within the 'normal' range) particular B12, to increase these and then start on Levythyroxine if you can convince your GP to trial you on this, or refer you to an endocrinologist. Failing these, just self-medicate with NDT, which is the route I have taken and after increasing my B12 etc, have just started 30mg Nature-throid a couple of days ago.

My understanding is that they work for some people but not for others, Sandra. I've been taking Nutri Adrenal for a few months. It's had a very small effect - less "brain fog" and more ability to concentrate - but not a lot. I haven't tried Nutri Thyroid as I understand from Dr P's book it's important to get the adrenal function right first.

I guess the answer to your question is - it all depends on the individual and how long you've been ill for. In my case, for example, I've been ill since the 1990s - so I'm expecting it to take a very long time before I feel any better, if at all.

As I mentioned on your other thread, I'm going to see Dr P myself next week. I'd got to the stage where I'm not sure what I should do next - keep on with the NA, add NT or even try NDT - so that's why I'm going to see him. I suspect what he will do - and what he's probably doing with you - is to try the Nutri products first to see if they help, before suggesting NDT. Please don't expect an immediate miracle - I suspect it's a long, slow process!

As to diet, I've no idea until I see Dr P. Take a look around this forum, and the main site, and the internet generally. There is lots of advice out there about what not to eat with hypothyroidism.

Forgot to say, if you have Hashimoto's then gluten free is virtually the default position

This is horrible news - so far, no one is giving it the thumbs up? I had to call the office today because at stage 3, it says I should be taking: Vit C 2000 mgs, Vit Dx2 (ISo D3 Nutri) Vit B 12 (intrinsi?? B12 Folale) In addition to Iron (something I cannot read, will have to call them back and find out) and Iron floradix. My OH thought that DR P told me to start them with the NAX and NT however, as it is written as stage 3, I didnt think this was the case. Having spoken to the office today, they confirmed that I should be taking them all together as these help support the NAX. If I am taking ALL of these things at a time, how is it possible to monitor how I am feeling at any one time or more specifically, what is having the effect? I feel so despondent now, more money gone and no solution. I really thought seeing DR P would be the start of something good.

Don't despair! I took NAE for two years, on,y ever one a day, and it changed me from someone who was always stressed and anxious to someone [almost] laid back. After that Nutri Thyroid kept me going until I finally got some thyroxine.

Thanks Ansteynomad - what benefits or differences did you notice with Nutri Thyroid?

Hi Sandra I have been seeing Dr P for 3 years, and he saved my life. I was on the floor with the congenital Hypothyroidism, and then was diagnosed with Adrenal Insufficiency. Iv been on Nutri Adrenal for 3 years now, i started the Dose at 4 and went down to 3, I also take T3, Folate and Hemaplex.

My balance, clarity and energy levels are so much better.

Nutri Adrenal is not for everyone, but it works for me.

I'm now under an amazing Endo, however I still

See Dr P, who I have so much love and respect for.

Go with your heart.

I don't think you have wasted your money. Dr Peatfield has an excellent reputation and has helped many people to regain their health. I'm not sure I understand why you are reluctant to follow his instructions?

Hi there - not reluctant to follow his instructions, just confused. I left his office thinking that the other supplements were to be introduced at stage 3 (i.e. after my 6 weeks of diarising my progress) but at OH insistence that I was incorrect, I called the office today only for them to confirm that I should be taking the 'other' stuff i.e. the D3, B12 etc also now. How can i monitor what is having a good/bad effect on me when all this other stuff is in the mix too? My despondency has come from the initial response to my post about the NAX and NT.

I've never seen Dr P myself, so I can only make some suggestions based on things I've read in his book and read in posts by others who have seen him.

I think Dr P is very keen on getting adrenal glands working before introducing thyroid medications like NDT or levo or T3, and this is unlikely to happen with just one vitamin or just one mineral supplement. All sorts of minerals and vitamins work together in a healthy body, and if you have had hypothyroidism left untreated for some time then you are likely to have multiple nutritional deficiencies. I've also read that he is happy to follow up with emails and phone calls if the patient has problems with his protocol. Perhaps you could send him an email explaining your confusion. I'm sure he will be happy to sort things out.

If you haven't already got it I would also strongly recommend you buy and read his book :

Your Thyroid and How to Keep it Healthy: The Great Thyroid Scandal and How to Survive it

His methods are described in some detail in the book and I found it very helpful.

The one thing that can't be done (to the best of my knowledge) is to speed up the healing process. Getting healthy again after being left to suffer for a few years means that it can take many months before you feel well, and I know from personal experience how frustrating it can be.

Hi - questions have been asked about these supplements before. I take B complex (liquid), Spatone (for iron) (if I can fit it in because you have to wait before food and other supplements so I sometimes skip), D3 1000 mcg sublingual spray, 1 NA and 1 NT and 1 tab of 100 mcg selenium together and a calcium powder. Calcium, D3 and magnesium spray together before bed (against osteoporosis). D3 dose recommended by endo for that. Bs, NA, NT and selenium together after lunch. Selenium on endo's recommendation ('if you want your thyroid to live longer') (who wouldn't?). Have also been taking 12.5 mcg T3 since December. Sometimes sleepy, sometimes active. I think I can tell when I have had to skip NA due to it being after 1 pm as I tend to feel sleepier. I have not had blood tests recently. I am just persevering for another few months and think I will then find somewhere to have blood tests again. Just observe and persevere I would say and since you are already being monitored, I wouldn't worry.

I think with nutriadrenal one of the reasons it does not always work is that some people are taking it at too small a dose. It is very dose deoendent. The dose needs to be gradually increased to find your optimum. I am on four a day of nutriadrenal, and i am no longer hugely wired at night and get to sleep much earlier as a result, which is allowing my entire system to calm. Dr. Peatfield is wise to support the adrenals first, going straight for the thyroid can be too much for some peoples adrenal glands. I would also recommend taking the adrenal cocktail - 1/4 tsp good quality sea salt, 1/4 tsp cream of tartar (for the potassium) and juice of half an orange (or lemon if you avoid sugars and fruits) - it is good to take 2-3 times a day - half an hour before eating is a good time. It further supports your adrenals. I had been taking that for a few months before seeing Dr. Peatfield and taking the nutriadrenal, and i saw gradual improvement from that too. I know lots of people who swear by the adrenal cocktail, and lots of people who swear by Dr. Peatfields help. He has transformed many lives.

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