T3 and the medical profession

Hi everyone, just a word to say that the head endo at my local hospital in Newcastle upon tyne, says that he will never prescribe T3, so anyone living in the area, you know now the futility of asking!! My blood works shows my Free T3 at only 3.7, scale is 4-8.3, the endo knows this, and still says that he won't give anyone T3. So what are we supposed to do!!

At the moment I am taking T3, that I bought whilst I was away on holiday, from the chemists, uni pharma made in Greece. When I run out, I can get more sent. I told my Doc, who phoned me today with the news, I asked her to tell the Endo, how much better I feel, nearly my pre 12 year self, clear thinking, no more brain fog, and no more exhaustion.

I can actually look forward to getting up, going to work, going Salsa dancing, swimming walking the dogs, none of which I could do 3 weeks ago, it is an immediate effect. I take 12.5mcg morning the same dose in the afternoon, reduced the T4 100mcg daily from 125/150.

So that is the situtation for most of us, pretty bleak for those of you who don't have a friend who can send the T3.

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  • Yes, unfortunately very bleak langdocienne,

    Thank goodness you have a source and are confident enough to self medicate.

    You could try a a different endo from the list of sympathetic doctors whom members have had positive experiences with, held by louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org.uk


  • I was once given the name of a great endo [NOT from admin on here] in another Health Authority... only to find he dragged me to an appointment simply to hear 'my take on T3'. In my area... head_brick_wall BUT if you look at the lists of T3 and Armour prescribed region by region, you can see that where langdocienne and I live liothyronine is certain prescribed to patients (there is even a GP I've met taking it in this area!).

    Check out the list [Rod posted, it is in spread sheet format]: many prescribed T3 in Cheshire and the South West... quite a lot in Liverpool too - most areas in the country, including HERE. Yes, langdocienne, thank goodness for friends and family. x

  • HI Flower 007, not possible to see another endo here in Newcastle, have seen one last year, but it's the head endo at the RVI who refuses to give anyone T3, including me, the arrogant person that he is!! I have bought plenty in Crete, and can always get as much as I like thank goodness. So nuts to the lot of them lol!!

  • I am very happy for you and they (who should know better) have no idea how it is to feel very well again, finally. They just wont listen to the patients who have to remain unwell indefinitely and just have to put up with it. Thankfully, through this forum we can eventually find a way somehow. I wonder if your Endo would like to enhance his knowledge!


  • Hi Shaws, an Endo who wants to enhance his knowledge about our condition lol, if pigs could fly!!!

  • If only they knew how a change in the type of hormones provided could change many people's lives.

  • Well done. I can see now how Greece could rescue its economy!

  • Yes im helping the Greek economy too ☺

  • Perhaps you could send him something with the more recent science. I really like this:

    Online.liebertpub.com/do I/full/10.1089/thy.2014.0028

    See introduction, paragraph 2 for a good start. It talks about the new research showing why some people on t4 only still feel sick (genetic variations in deiodinases and the thyroid transport receptors.

    It has a lot of great information in there and a wonderful bibliography.

    So glad you found someone more helpful.


  • Could you give the title of this paper please. Your link doesn't work for me. :(

  • It looks like they have restructured their whole site and the old links don't work anymore.

    This is a good one too.


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  • Thank you for this interesting article.

  • I have been told that endos or doctors have been told that they haven't to prescribe T3 as it is so expensive, I seem to remember reading something that says if they think that maybe a patient will be better on T3 they can give it but can't remember where I read it, everyone I know has to buy their own

  • It costs 1euro 16 cents, 30 tabs x 25mg, so they would only pay about 40p dear me, sooooo expensive lol!!

  • Just come back from Crete, bought 60 packs, that'll keep me going lol

  • I think I may have just had a run in with the same man, grrrrr. He makes my blood boil. Are you still at RVI or been discharged? Have you seen anyone else there? I believe there was one doc who would prescribe & saw private patients to do it, but I think he's under the cosh & has now stopped seeing people privately. I'm guessing this guy is his boss :-/

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