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Advice for Drs appointment

A bit short notice but I have a drs appointment this morning since Ive seen the endo who recommends I stay on T3.

What do you think I can expect from my GP. He has always been against T3 and Im worried about his reaction to the letter the endo sent. I am hoping he will prescribe T3 for me after reading his thoughts.

What does anyone think and what back up can I give to my explanation to convince him we should carry on with what the endo says.

By the way, my GP referred me to the endo and it has been done on the NHS.

Many thanks

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GP is a generalist, Endo trumps him surely.


I would like to say so but he was so against T3 he might think Im (as the endo said) waggling the letter under his nose. I don't want him to think that. I want his support.



No point in referring you to a specialist if he doesn't intend to follow the treatment plan recommended.


Can you tell me what all this business is about the NHS not prescribing T3 though. Is it a new directive and will he follow that? Im fed up of having to get my T3 from places like Greece.


T3 was called tertroxin in the old days . The manufacturers orked out if it was not a branded name, but a generic, it would not be subject to price conrols. So the price is now stupid and its given the docs the perfect excuse to remove it.

There are several papers around detailing how we cannot gey better on t4 alone....

Here are some links...



It is not a NHS directive. I'm still prescribed NHS T3. A lot of CCGs have banned prescribing of T3 in their areas because they claim there is insufficient robust evidence based research as to its efficacy. I think we all know that it is due to the extortionate cost of MP T3 and if there wasn't such a hit on their drug budgets most wouldn't give a damn about evidence based research.


So I'm back from the appointment with my GP. I asked what he thought about the endos advice, my latest blood tests and about getting T3 prescribed.

First of all he said that as my TSH had gone up from 3 to 6and yet my T3 figure was at top of range, it meant I needed T4. What do you think.? He said it would be nothing to do with pituitary.

Re being prescribed T3 he would ask if he's allowed to. It would be either a straight Yes or No. I mentioned the wonky D1o2 genes I have which might support the need to prescribe and he said that was the only reason he was asking. He wouldn't do otherwise.

Did I deal with it ok? Was there anymore I could have done?


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