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New Hashi

Hi Everyone, I am a newbie to this site, I completed profile yesterday after spending days scrolling over the many valuable and heartfelt posts on this site, it's a comfort having found such a brilliant network of people living with this condition and many other disorders that seem to tag themselves to immune system dysfunction. I'm endeavouring to maintain a sense of humour but am also struggling greatly. I have had chronic stiffness in neck and shoulders, past 18 months along with all the other symptons I mentioned in profile, thought it was tension, had massages, saw osteopath, then once diagnosed, I started joining all the dots. It really does feel more in my bones, my Dr dismisses any correlation to thyroid and osteoporosis, arthritis but I know how I feel, it seems all my sytems are being affected in one way or another. Again the left sided chest pain has returned, I'm taking such a low dose of levo at the moment as feel it's the med contributing to symptoms, and the chest pain scares me. maybe it's because I'm not getting enough thyroid hormone ? Does anyone have any suggestions ? I use Rhos Tox homeopathic remedy for neck and shoulders but without much effect. Also would love some advice with sourcing a natural thyroid product ? Is anyone familiar with Aswanganda ? I have blood tests again next week, would greatly appreciate any advice πŸ˜„

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we are glad that your with us and if anyone can help that's what we are all here for take care bigalan


Thank you bigalan, looking forward to sharing experiences, knowledge and a listening ear. Still navigating my way through the subsections etc hence the ' ps ' not sure posting is in right place.....


your very welcome anytime i might be able to help you know where to get me take care kind regards bigalan


Hi there ! Your Ferritin is LOW and your VitD is as you know. Your TSH is too high and will still be causing you problems. FT4 and FT3 also low. Adjusting to the 50mcg may take time - especially as your Ferritin is so low. Try alternating the doses of 50/25mcg. How much D are you taking ?

How were you taking your Levo ? - away from food and drinks for an hour at least ? Except water of course. Have a feeling B12 wasn't tested either... Low VitD can cause stiffness in the neck/shoulders as can LOW T3.

Are you taking VitC with the iron supplement ? It helps with the absorption I have read.

Too many things are low and too many things are high. Balancing the Thyroid is so difficult. So I would try and get the basics in place - good levels of Iron/Ferritin/D/B12 - and when the levels have improved you will begin to feel better. Then - hopefully you will be able to tolerate the Levo. Sorry I am not able to help with the search for NDT - others will though :-)


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