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Interperate my bloods!


I'm looking for some advise. I was diagnosed hypo several years ago, but despite being on 225 mcg Thyroxine I still feel rubbish.....exhausted all the time, difficult losing weight, hair falling out,foggy head.

Saw GP last week who was quite dismissive of how I feel. Bloods came back as

T3 - 1.6

TSH - 0.02

T4 - 18

Seeing GP tomorrow to discuss, but finding it difficult to find normal t3 range so I can discuss with correct information....any advise? Thanks

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Free T3 ranges do vary a little I think my t3 is 6 and I am at the top of range for where I live.


I take it that 1.6 would be a low t3 then? I'm wondering if I'm absorbing the thyroxine or not?

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Elaineliddle, the FT3 range in my area is 3.2-6.2. Some ranges are much lower so 1.6 may be good.


Thanks for that. I've managed to find the ranges for my health board.

FT3 - (2.6-6.2) I'm 1.6

FT4 - (9-21) I'm 18

TSH - (0.2-4.5)I'm 0.02


Elaine, T3 is below range so you are not converting T4 to T3. It's lack of T3 which causes hypothyroid symptoms. Your GP needs to add Liothyronine (T3) to your Levothyroxine. Some CCGs don't allow GPs to prescribe T3 without an endo recommendation so you may need a referral which will take a few weeks/months. If your GP can't/won't prescribe I'd be inclined to self medicate while you are waiting. See what your GP is prepared to do tomorrow. PM me if you decide to self medicate.


I think its very very clear from what seems to be a low t3 that your simply not converting levo into t3 at all which is why you still feel so ill

In fact if the levo is pooling in your body your probably worse

Have you had




Vit d3


Could you be coeliac or gluten sensitive

Either way you need t3 not levo and the above tests done to see if theres a reason because otherwise it is likely you have the DI02 gene


No I've not been tested for any of those. My GP seems to have an attitude of 'you're within range' and dismisses the fact I feel so rubbish


All of those are interdependant with t4 ,t3 and tsh and theres plenty of evidence to prove this

Clearly your doctor needs a change of attitude and assist you to feel well

Or you will need to self treat


Elaineliddle, ranges vary across regions. You need to ask your GP practice for the specific range. TSH is suppressed as expected on 225mcg. I can't interpret FT4 and FT3 without the ranges but FT4 should be in the upper quadrant of range and FT3 in the top third.

Ask your GP to test ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate. Deficient/low levels are common in hypothyroid patients and can make you feel rubbish. Low ferritin also causes hairloss.


Ok, thanks for your help


There's a possibility that's a total T3 rather than a free T3 result. Total T3 has a range of 1 to 2.8 sometimes (I say sometimes as ranges vary hugely). See if you can find out what it was and what the range was.


Hmmm, ok...I'm not sure which it was so I'll check tomorrow. Thanks!


Hi Elaine, T3 is far too low, reference range according to uk thyroid is 4-8.3. My own is 3.7, and taking T3 for the last 3 weeks now, feel like doing things again, not just working all the time. Going to Salsa tonight, swimming tomorrow, walking the dogs, that was not me, but now it is the old me back. My doc was meant to phone me yesterday, she is avoiding me, got bloods done before I went to Crete, told her even then that T3 would put me right with the T4, been on T4 only for 12 years, still felt as lousy as before. Also she thought that I was menapausal, so did the bloods, but still hormones of a teenager, nowhere near it. I still have my normal heavy periods regularly, but on the pill to stop bleeding to death lol, I am 60, and the docs had never heard of the like. One in the eye for them, so u see, we are all very very different, and as it is well said, one size does not fit all. Some will feel ok with a low Free T3, some will feel like death, it is meant to be in the upper 75% to feel optimal. I bought my supplies of T3 in Crete, enough for the year, but going back anyway in a couple of months. It is unipharma 25mcg x 28 tablets, nearly enough for the month. I am taking 25mcg in the morning, and about 2pm 12.5mcg, if I am going out, then another 12.5mcg about 7, does not stop me sleeping , but for some it would. Make sure that u get the Free T3, the one that is available for energy into the cells, still a bit difficult to assess just how much does go in. Also get Free T4 done, and Reverse T3, I need to get my reverse T3 done as well. Since I feel much better, don't think that I really need to see anymore blood results, just go by how you feel.


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