Thyroid biopsy

I found a lump on the front left side of my neck seven weeks ago, I also had pain up side of face passed my jaw and ear, went do GP she said it looked like a cyst she took bloods and arranged for an ultrasound scan , bloods came back normal, scan showed up that I have several small fluid filled cysts measuring 1cm on right side of neck and a mass measuring 2.5 cm part filled with fluid and part solid I was told it would need to be investigated. I received a letter from thyroid clinic to say my GP had referred me urgently for a biopsy. I am having biopsy tomorrow a fine needle aspiration. I'm a but nervous about having it done and wondered if anybody has had this procedure and if it is painful .

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  • Fine needle biopsy is slightly uncomfortable whilst undergoing the procedure but I was able to go back to work afterwards and only required paracetamol that day and nothing afterwards. I had a FNB on two occasions with no complications. I hope things go well tomorrow.

  • Angeren, you will be given a local anaesthetic, I can't remember whether it was gel or injection. The procedure is uncomfortable rather than painful. I was given a pad to apply pressure to my neck for 20/30 minutes afterwards to reduce swelling. I had some soreness/stiffness for a couple of days and bruising and just used painkillers when necessary. I hope all is well tomorrow.

  • I've had two fine needle and one core biopsy. As has been said the FNA biopsies were not painful more uncomfortable. The trick is to stay as still as you can. i had gel for the FNA and injected anaesthetic for the core.

    Wishing you good luck and let us know how you got on.

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