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Advice on NDT

Hi, I’m new to this forum and could really do with some advice.

My history is I’m a 59 Y/O male, diagnosed with an under active thyroid about 4 and a half years ago. I was initially put on 75mcg Levo which was subsequently upped to 100mcg after about 6 months. I had no problems or issues during the next 2 year period until my GP said my said my cholesterol was high and I needed to go onto statins. I had been attending local gym 5-6 times a week and had got up to a good level of fitness however, over the next 12 months this all went down hill and I’d be in pain after just 2 minutes of exercise and I ended up taking myself of the statins. Over the next 2 months I had a rapid return to health and everything seemed hunky dory, then I stared with muscle and joint pain,weight gain, dizzy spells, tiredness, excessive sweating on labour, white and scaly skin on the knuckles, brittle nails and constipation now I’ve developed an occasional sharp stabbing pain in my right heel. I’ve been back many times to my doctors in the last 12 months and they have been treating my symptoms individually though I’m convinced these are all my under active thyroid issues and perhaps a problem with the Levo.

I’ve booked in for a private thyroid blood test with Blue Horizon so that I can get my T3 measured and I’ve also ordered some NDT (Armour) 60mcg 1.0 grain tablets, but I’m now a little confused as I thought the NDT was a replacement for Levo, but having read some of the threads on here I see some people are taking both. I’d be very grateful if someone could clarify this question for me. Also is 1.0grain NDT the equivalent to 100mcg Levo?

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You are correct, most of your symptoms relate the thyroid. NDT is a whole replacement, but some people take levothyroxine as well, because they prefer a weightier balance of t4. The concerns raised by medics is that NDT has a higher ratio of t3 to t4 than a normal human makes... But several physicians have said that as long as free t3 isn't over range then there should be no hyperthyroid symptoms. If you take NDT, then free t3 is usually at the top of the range although free t4 is at the bottom end of the range.

1 grain. (60 mg) of NDT is reckoned to be equal to 75-100 of levothyroxine... Depending on how well you use and absorb levo.

Statins with thyroid meds are a No no because it runs a much higher risk of you getting muscle aches and pains. ... you were right to stop them. Here are links which explain.....


So, it sounds like you pretty well have it covered and are on the right track.... If the armour doesn't work.... There are plenty more, efficacious and cheaper brands of NDT. I use one from Thailand... 3 grains a day costs me around £70 per year.

G x

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Many thanks for your comments, they give me some hope that I'm going in the right direction. I'll still wait till I get my bloods done next week before embarking on anything. My Doc to her credit has just about tested for everything, so this leads me back to my thyroid again, though she does not wear this (like most GP's I guess) the only other thing thats been picked up is a Vitamin D deficiency for which I'm taking Invita D3 with a review in another months time. As for the Armour I plan to try Westhroid next time if all goes well.

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