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Switching From T4 to Thiroid NDT + Iodoral 12.5mg Advice Required please.

Hello All,

I was on 100mcg Levo until March2017 19th but old symptoms of brain fog and memory loss returned with a vengeance. I still have mild chronic fatigue issues ( even a slight amount of excercise results in delayed fatigue). On 19th March i agreed with my GP to increase to 125mcg. To date, the brain fog is much better, but still feeling knackered all the time. I can barley hold down my job.

I had a consultation with an alternative therapist (nutritional background) on personal recommendation. He was very familiar with thyroid issues, chronic fatigue issues, NDT, Iodine etc. I was recommended various nutiritional supplements, most of which sounded very reasonable and safe advice (but not based on blood tests)

One recommendation raises a concern - and i would like to know if anyone has any relative experience or advice please.

I was advised to switch from 125mcg to two Grains of Thiroid NDT and 12.5mg Iodoral. Iodoral contains 5mg Iodine and 7.5mg iodide.

I did query whether it was okay to take NDT AND Iodine as i was worried about overdosing he replied that his methodology was designed to avoid innacurate dosing.

Previous test results:

April 2015 results:

TSH 15.3MU/L (0.3-4)

FT4 12.9pmol/L (10.5-24.5)

This was when i had a health crash and GP put me on 100mcg Levo.

June 2015

Thyroid autoantibodies 312 kU/L (0-49) (i presume this means i have Hasimoto's?)

March 2016

TSH 1.7 MU/L (0.27-4.2)

FT4 18.1pmol/L (10.5-24.5)

FT3 was 5.1 pmol/L (3.1-6.8)

Still on 100mcg - feeling better but still fatigued/and energy issues)

June 2016

TSH 1.46 MU/L (0.27-4.2)

FT4 17.1pmol/L (10.5-24.5)

On 125mcg Levo - Brain fog better but still tired/fatigued all the time.

I couldnt get the GP to give me a FT3 blood test again.

So, can anyone advise whether it would be okay to take the 2 grains NDT AND the Iodine?

Kind regards


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I wouldn't take the iodine unless you have had a test done showing that you are deficient in it. It can backfire badly on people with Hashi's. (And yes, you do have Hashi's.)

2 grains NDT is roughly equivalent to 130mcg levo, so you will be getting an increase in dose. You might want to take 1 grain for a week, then add in half a grain, then add the second half a grain a couple of weeks later. Then wait 6 weeks and do tests before adding any more.

There are several protocols for building up dose on NDT, and they don't all agree with each other.





Totally agree with HB. You need to get tested before taking iodine. Plus, I would want details of his methodology down to the last dot and comma, before going anywhere near it! Functional doctors do have this obsession that all you need to do with a thyroid problem, is throw iodine at it. I had a doctor like that, and it back-fired horribly.

Switching to NDT, will mean that you will be getting some T3, and that will probably make you feel better, without the necessity for iodine - especially as you have Hashi's.


Thanks GG, (also replied under the main post) - i'm not exactly sure of his methodology - it is based on a combination approach of a detailed history of meds/symptoms/lifestyle/diet/nutrition etc but also looking at my 'qi energy' and my chakras. His formal training is a clinical nutritionalist and he has been doing this for over 35years and says he has had thousands of patients. He was recomended to me by somebody who he diagnosed and successfully treated for Lymes desease. The unconventional part of his methods is the 'energy readings'

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Well, energy readings can't do you any harm. Taking excess iodine can. And, it's that bit that concerns me the most. Being a nutritionist and treating someone for Lyme does not quality him to treat thyroid disorders. I would want to know how many thyroid patients he's successfully treated. And, also, what his definition of 'success' is.


Noted and understood, cheers!




I can also only agree with Humanbean and GG! Once, I took a multivitamin and mineral supplement which contained iodine and, within a couple of days, it felt like I was suffocating. At first, I thought I was coming down with a strep throat or a really bad cold, but it felt different...then, I did some research and realised it was probably my thyroid gland acting up. After I stopped taking the supplement, the problems went away within a couple of days. I have never taken anything containing iodine since. I also have Hashimoto's. So be careful with iodine, would be my advice.


Sometimes it takes up to 3 months from commencement of increased meds for you to feel less fatigued and for other symptoms you may experience to go. I found that.

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Thanks for the heads up Collieflower


Thankyou GreyGoose and Human Bean - much appreciated. Also i'm looking into private blood tests - i was thinking of getting one that includes FT3, thyroid antibodies, B12, D and Ferritin (although i had B12, D, ferritin done in january - all within range) . Should i also get rT3 , and cortisol saliva tests? If so, should i get these before i switch over to NDT or after? As i already know i need to go from 125mcg to 2 grains.

Also do you know if Thiroid (from Thailand is a legitimate source)

Sorry for all the question and thank you in advance x


It would be a very good idea to get that test, I think. But, I don't think rT3 is necessary at this stage. You should get these tests before starting the NDT. You could get cortisol tests later.

Thiroyd is a legitimate type of NDT, yes. Lots of people take it. Your source will be legitimate if was recommended to you by someone on here.


Thanks GG, much appreciated , I'll get the cortisol done now as the links HB posted suggest I should get these before started ndt


You're welcome. :)


That pattern of fatigue you have could indicate Myalgic Ecephalomyelitus. It would also impact the best way to deal with things. Your said the fatigue hits you the day after,

1. how long does it take for you to recover and

2. do you feel better/worse/the same after sleep?

I would also like to hear about the nutrional advice you have been given other than Iodine?


Hi Leo , I've self diagnosed myself as having mild cfs, (mild as in I'm not bedbound!) it takes me 2-3 days to recover . Sometimes I can't walk more than 30 mins. Jogging or any cardio is out of the question. Light weights sometimes is maneagable. I used to go to the gym 3x week 5 years ago !

The last 6 weeks I've been having good quality sleep got 7 hours but wake up with whole body aching . Brain fog kicks in 2 hours after waking.

Last 3 weeks using dr Sarah my hills advice about diet.

I will PM you about the other nutritional advice as it's based on me rather than generic advice

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Most people with ME have poor sleep. Either too much or too little but often waking feeling tired. With that exception it does sound like it.

This means you need to be quite careful, Thyroid stimulates (ie strains) what is weak in ME (energy generation within the cell). It's therefore quite important to get your body ready for the T3 in your NDT. I'll say more once I get your email.


Hi Leo I've sent you a PM, look forward to your response!


That's a massive dose of iodine, 12500mcg. Here's an article on the subject:



Will follow your replies too. I have been given kelp and spirilina by nutritionslist and wonder about iodine overdose.😫

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HI GG, I would assume kelp and spirulina would contain safe levels of iodine - Iodoral 12.5mg is very high dose and from what i understand could be a problem with Hashimoto's sufferers - i'm still looking into it!


Bad assumption.

Most spirulina has negligible iodine content.

Kelp has variable levels of iodine. I am not at all convinced that all kelp products are standardised, or labelled with their actual iodine content. After all, much nutritional information on products is based on looking up ingredients in tables - not on measurement.

A safe level of iodine for one person could be dangerous for some else.

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Thanks for the correction !

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