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need help please

Hi can anyone help with understanding my blood test results please, doctor says there normal didn't even go through them with me just said normal, my sister says they are not normal as she had graves dieses years ago and now she's underactive, feeling so ill at the moment just wont to go any were got know drive at all.

TSH (0.62) (0.2-4.2)

FT4 (16.0-) (12.0-22.0)

FT3 (5.3) (3.95-6.8)

B12 (219) (197.0-866.0)

FOLATE (5.8) (4.6-18.7)

FERRITIN(62) (13.0-150.0)

Also keep having symptoms of overactive and underactive really don't understand it :( thanks

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B12 and folate far too low

Low b12 means pernicous aneamia which masks as underactive thyroid

You really need b12 injections to push that back up to halfway in its range same for folate


Thank you will ask about that, I didn't know it had anything to do with anaemia he didn't explain anything to me so thank.


Your Doctor is saying they are normal because they are within the lab ranges they use (the second set of brackets on each line). However it does look like most of your results fall within the low end for most of them and I have seen a lot of suggestion that actually a healthy level for TSH is 3.0 - 6.0!

If you are finding you are swinging from Hypo to Hyper symptoms it might be worth asking your doctor to test for Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies (mostly prevalent in autoimmune thyroiditis leading to hypothyroidism) and Thyroglobulin antibodies (more prevalent in case of Graves and Hyperthyroidism). High levels of these antibodies suggest an autoimmune disorder and thus that you may be suffering from a subclinical level of thyroid disease (basically ill but not according to lab results).

Swinging from hyper to hypo is a symptom of Hashimoto's so it is worth asking.

Sorry to sound like a walking dictionary! I am going through a similar struggle with my GP trying to get a diagnosis so I have been doing a lot of Googling!


Thank you Aeracognie for your advice, and translating my results, have an appointment next week will ask him then. thanks


Areocognies advice is excellent too

do not be surprised to find your GP knows ZILCH

educate yourself as much as you can from this forum and from

and theres a lot in resources section of too

theres plenty of peer reviewed research to back up all the info between the 3

Google Scholar is also an excellent source


No problem. Unfortunately as reallyfedup123 says, it isn't uncommon for a GP to not really tell you much or seem to know anything. I am 26 and it was a year after I first started to show lab test signs of subclinical hypothyroidism before someone said to me "Hey, this is kind of unusual for your age, maybe we should look into why?" and then another 3 months after that before someone actually did.

Even better, the doctors who said these things were trainee GPs. Not long established ones. So do prepare for resistance, I know from my experience the older GP's don't tend to like people coming in with "I know it's this" but if you ask if they will test it and ask for possible reasons as to why you might have symptoms when your labs are in normal range and mention your worry due to there being a family history of thyroid disease (your sister) they will probably be a bit more responsive and willing to go they extra bit for you.


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