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Help with test results

Hi all. I've been taking thyroxine for 11 years. For the past 6 years I have been on 125mg and have felt awful but annual tests showed my tsh levels as normal. I went back 3 months ago and my tsh was 3 and I managed to convince the doctor to increase my dose to 150mg and I have felt great. However my follow up test showed my tsh levels were now 0.02 and the doctor wants to reduce me back to 125mg. I phoned up for my results and the receptionist said the t4 was 16 and there were no results for T3. Is a result of 0.02 really that bad? Is there anyway I can convince my doctor to keep me on the 150, im dreading going back to feeling so awful on the 125.

Amy advice or help is greatly appreciated


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Am afraid the TSH test is the one most Docs follow :-( Without ranges it is difficult to tell what is going on - especially as there is not a FT3 result. When the TSH is LOW/suppressed and the FT3 is high/over range only then could you be over medicated.

How are your levels of Ferrtin - Folate - Iron - B12 - VitD ? All need to be OPTIMAL for you to feel well and for your Levo to convert into the Active hormone T3.

It may be a good idea to have your tests done privately through Thyroid UK - to include the FT3 - then you can see what is going on....


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