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Have compared two batches of Erfa

OK, so I just compared two bottles of Erfa Thyroid:

One with batch no LF04265A (exp 08/17)

one with batch no LF03505A (exp 02/17)

The first batch does not work at all; the second works just fine. Yet, all the pills look the same. There is no visible difference as far as shininess (is that a word?), blotchiness, etc are concerned....all things mentioned by STTM to distinguish "old" Erfa from from the "new"..."new" Erfa was reportedly more shiny, blotchy, etc.

I cannot explain it, but the two batches are very different when it comes to how my body react to them...when it comes to the first, it's like I've taken nothing at all; as for the second batch, I feel completely normal.

So there is a difference. However, what I don't understand is this: if something changed (due to fillers, binders, processing, manufacturing process, etc), why are not all batches different, just some?!

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I think that I remember the manufacturing being transferred to two different companies. That could account for it.

My endo refuses to change my ERFA for WP on the grounds that his other 14 patients are doing OK on it.

When I take ERFA (4 x 30 mg) it is a like taking a strong sedative. That's been the case since early last year when the manufacturing was transferred from Belgium to Spain.

There has been at least one other thread talking about the difference between the different strengths of ERFA.

The problem is that until the issue with the 'new' ERFA is officially recognized, nobody is going to scientifically look into what is happening.


Interesting! Like you say, that could account for the differences between various batches.

It would also be interesting to know how many have had at least one bad or at least less good batch of Erfa in the recent year or so.


I did feel a lot better for a couple of months last winter. And interestingly, I get a couple of months supply with each prescription.

But as I said, until ERFA accept that there is a problem, nobody (with the necessary resources) is likely to investigate this properly.


Also, would Erfa not be able to tell which batch was manufactured by which facility...in case that makes a difference to patients?


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