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More trouble with batches of t3?

I had two of the dodgy batches in June which I yellow carded and the same thing has happened again. Dr S increased my meds again and as last time I feel worse. I can't believe it's happened again I am on batch 81377 and have just realised when I saw a post on here that I've probably got another dodgy batch!!! Last time I got another prescription from my gp but don't think I can keep doing that can I?

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Hi If your GP recognises Dr. S. then you should have no problem with a script. I have my T3 on a script from GP ( private endo) and never had any problems.

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Can anyone tell me the numbers of the suspect T3 please???


I've just checked my T3 and they are batch 81377.

I don't believe it... not again!

After the panic of being unable to obtain T3 and then getting the old dodgy batches I really am not in the mood to get yet another weak lot of T3.

I think that this batch is also rather low in active T3 as I found, when I first got this new prescription through, that I was getting headaches, tight muscles and fuzzy-headed. I have since increased my dosage to 140mcg daily but have not told my Dr. this as they are panicked about my taking 120mcg. This obviously means that I am going through my pills much quicker than the prescriptions allow.

I did obtain some German T3 (Thyborg Henning?) when T3 was unobtainable here - does anyone know if I can specify which brand I require? My prescription is just liothyronine.


Hi Penny, Unfortunately no, you can't specify any brand for liothyronine. As long as the UK version by Goldshield / MercuryPharma is available, this is the one your pharmacy has to supply you with. It's the only one that is officially 'licensed' for NHS prescription. The Henning Thybon was brought in temporarily as an emergency cover when the UK T3 was out of production.

If you truly believe you are experiencing problems with your current batch of T3, do put in a yellow card.


I have ordered some t3 from Mexico as I can't keep getting replacement prescriptions and as I am seeing dr S I'm wasting money when I am on substandard meds! I have yellow carded meds again. I am hoping its sorted out soon.


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