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Any advise please

Hi everyone, im posted on the forum before and had much helpful advise, so was wondering if anyone could advise me on my current symptoms. Ive had an underactive thyroid since the age of 9. Also i do have Pernicious anemia which i have b12 jabs every 3 months. Just recently ive been waking up with bloodshot eyes, headaches and inside my mouth sore lips. I think i may be deficient in a vit or min but not sure, can anyone advise me please.

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It may be that you need your jabs more often. Some people need them much more often although some doctors won't give them more frequently. I know someone who was turned away because he was 2 days early! It's worth asking though, especially if you are also seeing some of your PA symptoms returning.

As far as it remember, mouth soreness can indicate deficiency of a variety of B vitamins, particularly B6, folate, B2 and B12. Are you taking a B vitamin complex along with your B12 injections? It might be worth considering but it's probably best to check with someone who knows more about PA.

It would probably be a good idea to see your GP. You may have an infection.

I hope that gives you some ideas of where to look.

Carolyn x


Hi Carolyn, thank you for your help. The dr did put me on monthly b12 jabs but i didnt notice a difference so ive been reverted back to quartely. Im going to the hospital next week so im def going to ask for all my vits & mins checked. I def think i am lacking in something which is giving me all these symptoms.

Thank you so much for your help xxx



I'm sorry you've been hypothyroid since the age of 9 and I do hope you are getting looked after very well by your doctor/endocrinologist.

I'm not sure if you know the recent update for when you get a blood test for your thyroid hormones. It should be the earliest possible in the morning and fast and also to take the last dose of levo approx 24 hours before the blood test and take levo after test.

Also always get a print-out of your blood test with the ranges so that you can post if you have a query on them.

Ask your GP to also run a blood test for your minerals/vitamins as you may be low on them and need a prescription.

As regards help and advice re your P.A. there is a dedicated P.A. forum on HU and this is the link:

I hope your symptoms are alleviated soon.


Hi Shaws, thank you for your help. Its ironic really as ive virtually had an underactive thyroid most of my life and ive been fine apart from when i was diagnosed with pernicious anemia but my thyroid medication has been fine uptil 2 years ago but i did recently find out my ferritin went down to 7 which i think affected my thyroxine treatment. I now take ferrous fumerate twice a day & my ferritin has risen to 31, im going to continue to take until i am optimum. Sadly now though i have these other symptoms which i think i may be lacking in something else. Im going next week to be checked out, thank you much for your advise xx


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