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Any advise on these levels please

Just received thyroid test results which doctor says are normal and require no action .

TSH = 3.77. (0.34-5.61)

Serum free T4 9.2. ( 7.5-21.11 )

Serum free T 3 4.8. (3.8-6.8)

TPO antibody. 352. (0-9)

I am not overweight I am underweight. I do not have hair falling out.

BUT. My tiredness is terrible and for the last 5 weeks have had constant buzzing tinnitus and on and off ear fullness. Extreme anxiety.

My doctor wants me to take citalopram anti depressants. He said there is nothing wrong with my thyroid. When I questioned him about the TPO antibodies he said "I have antibodies too ". !

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Welcome to the forum, Iloveromeo.

Your GP is being disingenous. Most people have antibodies but what matters is how many they have. Yours are high enough to confirm autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) which will eventually progress to causing overt hypothyroidism. Doctors don't treat the autoimmune disease, they treat the hypothyroidism it causes. You can help yourself by adopting a 100% gluten free diet which in many cases, but not all, reduces the Hashi attacks on your thyroid and the antibodies. You can also supplement 200mcg selenium or 3-5 Brazil nuts daily which will support your thyroid.

There is something wrong with your thyroid. It has, and is being damaged, and low FT4 and rising TSH mean it is failing. Tinnitus and anxiety are typical hypothyroid symptoms. Citalopram may help with the anxiety but it is a sticking plaster instead of the real issue being addressed. Unfortunately the BTA protocols mean that a diagnosis and treatment won't commence until FT4 is below range or TSH over range.

As your GP is so certain you don't have a thyroid problem, ask for ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate to be tested to rule out vitamin and mineral deficiencies as a cause of your 'non-thyroidal' fatigue, tinnitus and anxiety. Low/deficient levels are common in hypothyroid patients and cause musculoskeletal pain, fatigue and low mood similar to hypothyroid symptoms.

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Vit D 57

Vit B12 188

And 45 not sure if that's ferritin or not think it is

Doctor said all fine. But I'm not so sure.

My TSH was 6.4 about 5 weeks ago. And they now tell me it was 5 a year ago although noobs ever mentioned it to me then as it was just in a general blood test.

Last week it was 3.77. So I can't Work it out.

Eating my Brazil nuts now. Thank you for the advice.

Should I also test hoe magnesium zinc selenium etc ?


Iloveromeo, do you have the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after the results)?

TSH fluctuates according to time of day. Were you tested at different times of the day?

B12 is incredibly low, possibly below range.

VitD 57 is suboptimal in the UK.

Ferritin 45 is low.

When I see the ranges I'll be able to advise further.

Magnesium serum test isn't much use as it doesn't indicate how much mag in in the cells and private mag cellular test is very expensive apparently. It's fairly safe to assume most of us lack magnesium due to soil depletion and supplement 375mcg daily. I also supplement 15mcg zinc with mag as mag and zinc are synergistic


There is something wrong with your thyroid, it is just about managing to make thyroid hormones but is having to be driven very hard to do so, hence the raised tsh.

The doctors remark about having antibodies is plain stupidiity... Your antibodies will be attacking your thyroid and you will continue to go downhill until the doc deigns to treat you.

Have a look on the site for info about hypothyroidism.... Not everyone gains weight or loses hair. The fatigue is common and overwhelming, as is being offered anti depressants when you don't need them.

Dr Toft, a retired but renowned endocrinologist advocates treating low thyroid once there are antibodies. Will paste a link to his booklet as soon as I can find it.

You need a new doctor or a supportive endocrinologist. You aren't imagining it all and you probably are not depressed. Beware of taking statins, low thyroid gives high cholesterol levels. Which come down when your thyroid hormone levels improve.

Xx g

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Here is a link to the dr toft booklet for free.

Its also available from amazon either in paper or a kindle version.


Thank you I will order this book


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