Anyone try a naturopath?! In the uk or even online eeek!

Am i being crazy?! I've found one in London that specialises in endocrine medicine.

I've spent a year going Back and forth between an endo who says I have to have surgery & a surgeon that says its too risky. Well the surgeons cancelled my op now so i either have to get in remission asap or have RAI in April and that's not happening (still wont leave my bubba) x

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It's very understandable you don't want to leave your baby. Why does the Endo insist you having surgery when the surgeon is opposed?

Endo says ill never reach remission. As I had a subtotal 15 years ago then 15 years in remission. After CT surgeon said too much scar tissue and he won't risk it. So now I'm due to have RAI in April. Xx

Hi Wiggy

I had a subtotal then 20 or so years fine then relapsed again. I tried meds and going for remission for a couple of years and I was never going to get there. Surgeon said more surgery not possible so I had to have RAI. It really isn't as difficult to manage as you might think, you don't have to move out and away from the family, my children were still young,smallest was about 3, it's only close contact that has to be limited for a couple of weeks, maybe not easy with a baby but the end result will be worth it.

Thank you. I've said if I can stay on carb for three years things will be different but I have no way of explaining in April why mummy can't pick her up so if have to be totally away from her and that's not an option. So frustrating but I'm pleased to hear there can be light after! :)

Go for it.... I would....... my health has got a lot better since I ditched wheat... got on a better diet..... x

Same here! I've gone grain free and it's had a huge impact :) x

You might feel better after RAI but you can't be forced into it if you feel it is wrong or the timing is wrong. Bottom line is you don't sign the consent forms and RAI doesn't go ahead.

Yes I know you're right it's just hard because he really thinks I should have it and isn't willing to discuss my symptoms when he's offering me a 'cure'. You're right though thanks x

There are so many issues with this disease and one is diet. The thyroid is not even the issue, the GUT is the main one and all other issues come from that. A GOOD Naturopath would help you and I would do this. I am seeing one online and she is brilliant and I am finally feeling better. Not expensive, can upload all your tests, the supplements can be from here in the UK and for me, finally I am moving on into health instead of sick and sad so damn tired of it all! I think radiation on any part of the body is not good. Try Dr. Cammi Balleck first...see what she can do for you on Skype. Her website is here: She deals with ALL auto immune diseases. This is who I use. Good luck and keep holding that beautiful baby! Be well. :-)

Thank you I'm going to contact her tomorrow :) great info xx

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