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Hi Everyone!

I am currently writing our Annual Report for 2014 - 2015 and it would be great to have some of your thoughts about Thyroid UK, our website, this forum and our membership magazine, Harmony.

Comments about how we have helped you would be great! Please state how you would like your name to be written i.e. Sarah Jones or S. Jones. Please also state whether you would be willing to send me a photo of yourself and I will then contact you to send this to me by email.

I will be choosing some of the quotes for the Annual Report but we also need some for accessing funding from grant making organisations.

If you put a comment on this thread it will be taken as approval that we can use it! :-)

Thank you!

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  • Thank you Thyroid UK for giving me the courage to take my health into my own hands - providing a prop via members advice and encouragement , especially during difficult periods with this misunderstood disease

  • Having been Hypothyroid for 15 years, previously Hyperthyroid, and totally trusting my GP knew how to manage my symptoms, I have found myself hugely overweight and unwell at 50 years of age. I came across this site via Hypothyroid mum on Facebook, and couldn't believe what I had been missing all these years. It has been a massive boost to my knowledge and given me the confidence to take control of my own body and do whatever it takes to get well, hopefully with the support of my GP.

    The support from other members and information available is fantastic, I only wish I had found it sooner.

  • Thanks for this! Lyn x

  • I would like to thank you for the much needed advice support and help I have received from tyroid uk . I have not been well for almost 5 years struggling with hypo just doing as my doc says I should lower higher tyroxine etc . While looking on the net I found this site wow what knowledge I have now :) I now know I'm hashi I now have had all bloods done including antibodie can't believe my doc never ever mentioned this test I also have had an Ultrascan my tyroid is burnt out very little left I was told . So that's why I am thanking everyone on this site who has helped me I now know what is wrong with me an what I need to be demanding going forward . Also the members give me great advice on supplements to help me feel better it's just a shame the docs out there don't join up to tyroid uk how easy would life be . D Spence

  • Thanks very much for this! Lyn x

  • Without thyroid uk I would not have learned about the importance of having good levels of ferritin, folate, iron, Vit D, Vit B12 and selenium. There are so many areas of advice to explore and plenty of encouragement from members to self treat whenNHS won't. It was thanks to this site I learned about private blood tests and TPO antibodies and how they can affect health. Also thanks to this site that I decided to go gluten and lacto free, resulting in almost zero TPO and better health.

    The thyroid UK conference was a really great way to learn about so many new areas of research relevant to thyroid patients.

    I just wish the NHS would get up to speed with thyroid health and divert some funding from other areas. They especially need to do something about the woeful lack of training for Endo's who seem mostly to know only about all things related to diabetes.

    It feels as though thyroid patients are discriminated against. Wonder if that is anything to do with 9 out of 10 patients being female!

  • but for this site AND the superb members,followers and extremely knowledgeable admin people ,, my lady who was diagnosed about 3 yrs ago would be in the middle of that damn great tunnel that many others still find themselves in now . Due to the excellent advice and empathy of ALL OF YOU PEOPLE not only has she got her life to a semblance of order and health but it has also allowed our family [ mysef ,my lady- kim- and our son - Christopher -] to achieve this ..... I dread to think where we would be without t.u.k. I have also converted our g.p. to the knowledge of thyroid problems and he is a constant follower of this site and has dramatically changed his approach [ he is a lecturer at a major teaching hospital ] ..... and this has helped him to successfully treat/help many other patients .....so take a bow all you good people you will forever be remembered by US and I will continue to support you in whatever way that I can with respect and pride for you ........ alan gardner xxxxxx

  • Thanks very much Alan! Can always rely on you! Lyn x

  • no , you are totally incorrect ....... I CAN ALWAYS RELY ON YOU GOOD PEOPLE ........ FACT !!!!!!!

  • Hi Lyn, I've been trying to think of something catchy to say. If this is too cheesy for you to use I won't be at all offended.

    Thyroid UK is the SatNav and Owner's Manual on our thyroid journey.

    With the help of Thyroid UK we discover the fuel that suits us best when most doctors will only supply one basic grade. Thyroid UK provides us with the knowledge to ask for the tests we need at our regular services and helps us interpret the results. When we need fine tuning with vitamins and minerals we know where to turn for advice and when faced with road blocks in the form of poorly educated medical professionals, Thyroid UK helps us find a way around with much needed empathy. If we take a wrong turn Thyroid UK, its helpful staff and members are always at hand to guide us back onto the highway.

    Thyroid UK has transformed me back into a happy, productive person who now only takes a few, occasional and slight detours from the road of good health. Without Thyroid UK I would have been towed away to the scrap yard or left floundering up a dead end.

    Katy Luck

  • couldn't have put it better ......well done for your comment .....alan

  • It's perfect Katy! Thanks! Lyn x

  • Thank you everyone! I think I have enough now so I'm going to take this thread down this afternoon. Lyn x

  • why take the thread down ..... TAKE THE PLAUDITS ----- YOU ALL DESERVE THEM .......many others will not see this until its too late !!!!!!

  • Our Grandchild has 'Low Thyroid Hormone' levels, Medics have blamed parents for 'over feeding' their child, (child abuse.)

    Our Grandchild was one vote away from being placed under Social Services' 'Child Protection' register and into the 'Secret Courts' and so easily could have be taken away from very caring and brilliant Parents, just for having an untreated (Thyroid,) medical condition.

    Thankfully knowledge I have gained from helpful Thyroid UK members and along with many hours of Googling, I have managed to help my Grandchild's Parents fight back.

  • Hi Coastwalker, This is awful. I'm so glad we were able to help. Lyn x

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