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Will coffee affect adrenal blood work results?

I just got in to see an endocrinologist and she wants to do testing, 8 am 1st day and again 8am the following day with me taking a pill at 11pm the evening before the second day. My first visit was a little overwhelming and my memory is awful from the years of gabapentin ( I miss my brain! ).

That being said, we talked about adjusting my diet, including weaning off coffee and sugar. I thought she mentioned me not making changes until after my test but now I am not sure. I called the office and the nurse was going to verify with the doctor but she never called me back. I don't want to blow my results as I really would like some answers. Help!

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Hello cavgirl,

The following link shows interactions concerning a SALIVA cortisol test. I dont know about a blood cortisol test but would say "if in doubt, leave it out."



I would ring back.and clarify any questions. The Endo would rather you do that I'm sure than try and remember yourself and inadvertently make a mistake which could negate the test.

It sounds like she wants you to keep everything the same until after the test but the 24 hour adrenal test needs you to be caffeine free for two weeks ideally. Yours is a different test though so I would ring back and make sure you get your answer :)


I had this test done 18 months ago as I suspected adrenal fatigue and the results came back as all good. I didn't believe it as I have classic symptoms, after a year of investigating I have just had the 24 hour saliva test done and low and behold I have low morning cortisol and other labs that indicate adrenal fatigue. I suspect this is due to me being on t4 only treatment so I have just started the battle to get either t3 added or a prescription for NDT. I would suggest give the blood test a miss and go straight for the saliva test which FYI did not allow coffee or alcohol on the day


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