hypothyroidism and thyroid-s review on hair loss

hi im 22 and been hyop since 17, i was on synthroid but it was useless i came off it 2 years later since it did nothing. my doc said my levels are normal but on another forum a person caluclated my levels and said it was only 30%. so since synthroid is a waste i did some research on thyroid-s from thailand but im a bit skeptic of it as i dont do very well on certain pills. so i was wondering if anyone tried it and got any results with energy and hair. please tell me i need to know im very desperate.

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  • thyroid-s didn't work for me. Adrenals need to be in good condition to start NDT.

  • DidnT work for me either because its manufactured to have a long shelf life and needs an extra process to break it down.....  I do brilliantly on thiroyd though.       Hair loss can be linked to low ferritin levels, which is common with hypothyroidism.....  HereS a link to an article about it.....   healthguidance.org/entry/42...


  • can you explain to me how do you know if your adrenals are good.

  • Adrenal saliva test is about £75....   Details on the homepage under testing..... thyroiduk.org.uk. Ir you can monitor your average temperature for free....  Just takes a bit of effort...  Here is a link to an earlier post of mine about it.   healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...


  • i have general anxiety disorder does that mean my adrenals are bad?

  • No way of telling without some testing.....  Have you been monitoring your temperature?    Or maybe considered the adrenal saliva test?

  • i wanna do the saliva test but its not avaliable in my country. My temps are a bit warm when i wake up never officially checked on a thermomether tho

  • If your temps are all over the place you have an adrenal problem , normal temps should be no more than 2-3 degrees difference. There's a test you can do in the dark in front of the mirror shine a torch at a 90 degree angle to your eye, to light it up if you pupil quivers quite a lot in and out you have an adrenal problem

  • You are responding to a question which was posted nine months ago. I just wonder if you realise that. :)

  • Thyroid S has worked brilliantly for me, we are all different. 

  • glad to hear it bud, what symptoms you had that were relieved?

  • Hi, I have changed to thyroid s about 8 months ago from 11 years on Levo, it is much better, I have even managed to get rid of the bloating and some of the mucin. As for the hair loss it helped a bit but I also have high cortisol so that won't help but I did some research as my hair was coming out at a really fast rate and found a tablet called biotin and it strengthens nails and thickens and stops hair falling out, I have only been on it about 5 months but it stopped falling out almost immediately and is just starting to thicken now. I had nearly given up hope, and it's only about £6 for 2 months worth, hope this helps

  • thanks for your reply, what brand of biotin did you use? i remember using it when i first noticed hairloss and it gave me terrible acne. also can you tell me how long it took for your hairloss to stop?

  • Troo health care 1000mg it stopped falling out almost immediately and it's just starting to thicken a little 4 months on

  • do you have a link to where you got them? and hows your hair doing?

  • troohealthcare.com/search.a...

    Been on them about 6 months and I have around 4" of new fluffy hair growth at the roots and it's stopped falling out, so happy, hope you can benefit from this too X

  • hi there 

    im hypo as well, and this is well related to the adrenals. 

    i can not support stress.  after a very stressful situation, my hair is all in the brush, BUT do not worry it comes back, you can see it, sometimes I look like growing a wig underneath my old hair. 

    believe it, and stop worrying. remember stressing yourself is not good!

  • That's good!! It's looking thicker now, I had resorted to putting Matt brown powder colour on my scalp so you couldn't tell there were no hair there

  • no 

    better to change hair to a lighter colour

  • Yes doing that this week, lol

  • Thyroid S is a natural dessicated thyroid hormone. It contains all of the hormones our healthy gland would have provided, i.e. T4,T3,T2, T1 and calcitonin (which is good for bone health). If one doesn't suit there are others.

    It is easy to switch. Whatever dose of levo you take, i.e. 100mcg of T4 is equal, in effect, to around 1 grain of NDT. You then increase by 1/4 tablet every 2 weeks till your symptoms have been relieved. If at any time you get palpitations or too hot, drop back to previous dose.

    Before you begin take your pulse and temp several times a day so you have a starting point.

    NDT has been in use since 1892 and has been successful. Big Pharma's monetary incentives/inducements to doctors etc to promote levothyroxine has certainly worked, alongside misinformation about NDT. 


  • i hate levo i'll never take it again!!

  • I feel the same. It's such a struggle when the doctor doesn't understand it's not working for you. When we've just began and know nothing we are relying on the doctors to know best how to treat but they are caught up with guidelines and the TSH only.

  • I have been taking thyroid s for 7 months now and my temps have  reached 36.7-37 this week really happy with that they used to be 35.4, because I'm used to being cold I feel roasting all the time, lol

  • Better to disrobe when hot rather than trying to get some heat into your body particularly legs/feet. I'm pleased for you that Thyroid S has worked for you.

  • Can start wearing shirts again after years, does it mean if my temperature is 'normal' that my thyroid dose is Optimal?

  • Not always. You should have no clinical symptoms and not even think about being hypo but good signs are pulse/temp.

  • Ok, I don't have any hypo symptoms at the minute only still carrying  1 stone in weight from years on Levo 

  • You can then begin a diet if you wish. I found the 5:2 diet good and so did another person whose lost 4st.


  • since you mentioned diet, would you believe im hypo and im skinny like a twig? thats what throws most drs off about me being hypo. i did gain a few pounds barely noticable but i did something called tapout xt a insane workout maybe you can try it.

  • My fat!! Is mucin and will only go when I reach my optimal dose but it does seem to be going a bit but could take years as it took years to go on, I have not much real fat as I was only 8 stone 

  • dont worry you'll get there :D also can you all tell me where you purchased thyroid-s i dont wanna buy somewhere and get ripped off.

  • I have private messaged you

  • the adress is the company that makes it. they don't rip you of, the problem is europe , it can get confiscated by customs.went in the bin!

    at least here in central europ, france, happened to me. all gone no refund , felt like a drug dealer.

    i did call the company in thailand, to place a bigger order to save on shipping costs.

    they recommended a small order, and they where right.

    i get erfa now, in big quantities (500)

    125mg for hardly more then 100 would cost in belgium.

    internationale Apotheke Stuttgart, they speak english.

    from what i read, thyroid s and erfa are both made there

  • I just got mine in the post, it arrived here safely anyway

  • hi, i know numerous people that are skinny as twigs and have low thyroid.

    unfortunately i´m not one of them.

    hug b.

  • im one of those special ppl i guess :/

  • docs dont suspect it , but yes you are special, we are supposed to be fat and bloated and lazy and so on, but some are skinny and busy

    hug, b

  • I have no symptoms still I have perfect blood pressure and temps of 36.5 so I'm doing ok no idea what my pulse is😀

  • Joanneconnor yes it warmed me up too after years in an internal artic! Still feel a tad chilly but no longer frozen till 32deg c ambient temperature reached 

  • up your doses a bit, ad ,i don't know what your on, can make a hell of a difference!

    wait 4 weeks to see results. 

    start taking temps basal, in the morning, when you wake up, do not move much, have the thermometer handy.

    low temps can be improved.

    once i took too much erfa, and my feet got too hot.

    now, it is so nice to walk barefoot.

     cold feet used to keep me from falling asleep!

    for years!

    hug b.

  • It works really well for me much better than levothyroxine which left me feeling permanently unwell - depressed and tired and feeling psychologically incomplete. My hair is doing well growing quickly again and not as thin as it was when hypo was untreated. My energy levels are massively improved. Depression has completely gone away 😍. I'd say it is well worth a try. At best it could transform your life at worst it won't - but you won't know unless you try. Good luck 🍀

  • i had the same effects on levo, its a piece of sh*t i swear i'll never take it ever! Im glad to hear you found something that works, hope it works for me im depressed and feeling like im going insane lol

  • as long as your adrenals are well, NDT is the better option ,i m sure.

    i once had to go back to levothyrox, and my depression got so bad i don't want to ever be in that situation again.

  • how do i know if my adreanals are well? is there any signs to know if it works well?

  • stopthethyroidmadness.com/a...

    you would need to do a cortisol saliva test 4 different times in a day. you find labs in england that do those , there is a list of labs in the link, but it is not complete.



    there is an even better link, but i just can´t remember the name.

    its got a zebra on the page, with the stripes unravelling.

    i send as soon as i remember

  • how much is a starting dose on thyroid-s? dont wanna overdose cuz i did that with levo and the effects were horrible palpitations and dizziness.

  • 60 mg of NDT equals 100 micrograms of levothyrox

     watch your puls, if you feel it in your throat, sleep bad, you gone to high or too quick.

    wait 4 weeks before raising ,

    and idealy have your doctor check your values 4 weeks after every raise.

    hug b.

  • Hi guys, I haven't been tested again but I have been on holiday and since I have come back I feel amazing (vit d3) and I'm almost certain my cortisol is in the normal range now, it's took 6 long months!! I feel so calm and after 3 years the number in the scales actually moved, I've lost 2lb, so hopefully in time I will lose more, my clothes are fitting much nicer now too!!!

  • I started thyroid s a year ago after being on Levo for 12 years and I feel so much better, I don't feel like a hypochondriac any more!! I have also been taking high strength biotin and my hair has stopped falling out and is growing new hair ago!! 😀

  • Been to see the gastroenterologist and he has told me to follow fod map diet, has anyone tried this?

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