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Endoscopy tomorrow

Hi all, I am due to have another endoscopy tomorrow (yes, Saturday) for the horrendous acid reflux I have had since being on NSAIDS from November / December since shoulder surgery. However, I am not sure what to do about my medication.

I usually take 100mg of Thyroxine between 6-7am every morning. My appointment is 10am and I have been told I may be in the dept for up to 4 hours. I was advised not to eat or drink for at least 6 hours before the procedure; the rather unhelpful nurse on the phone told me to take it afterwards but this would mean that I may be 8 or more hours late in taking it resulting in being too near my next dose on Sunday morning.

Do you suggest I just don't take it tomorrow?

Thanks in advance,


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Thyroxine is a storage hormone - so missing one dose or taking it late will not make a difference.

Hope all goes well with the procedure. How are you treating the acid reflux ?


Hi Marz, thanks for the speedy reply. I really cannot tolerate omeprazole or lansoprazole so have managed between ginger tea, apple cider vinegar and DGL liquorice. However, these only keep it at bay so far, they don't really stop it.

I already know I have a hiatus hernia as I had a camera down 7 or 8 years ago. I am really concerned as I have not been able to take any pain relief for my joints (I also post on lupus uk) as my GP thinks there may be an ulcer. My rheumatologist turned a deaf ear to my concerns last week, it was quite humiliating.


The PPI's are not good anyway and should only be used for 8 weeks. They also reduce the absorption of nutrients. Do you think it could be low acid causing the problem ? - as is often the case with Hypos. Food remains undigested in the stomach too long when acid is low and ferments. The Fermentation moves upwards - think of yeast bubbling before adding to the flour !! - and can weaken the valve that keeps food in the stomach. Do you eat fruit after 3pm - I have read that can add to the problem and cause more fermentation.

Are you gluten free ?


Hi yes, I have been totally GF for about 13 years now too, just a year or so after being diagnosed hypothyroid. I get my GF products on prescription. Last year an endo told me I had Hashimoto's neck is permanently thick and puffy but structurally no nodules or goitre.

I suppose I will know a bit more by this time tomorrow.



Hope all goes well.... I too have Hashi's and Crohns so have had to learn the hard way. Congrats on being GF for so long. Could you have the test for the bacteria that causes ulcers - H Pylori I think !


I was tested for h.pylori. Turned out not to be that so I was given omeprazole! I'm taking them but keep trying to cut back on them, I've been taking them a lot longer than eight weeks though. I'm still sure I'm becoming hypo.

Good luck with your endoscopy tomorrow bestbuddy.


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