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OTC thyroid products?

I have been considering ordering Thyrogold, as it has been getting great reviews by many users, and it also seems pretty potent.

However, this information makes me a bit hesitant; it seems forskolin can be quite problematic...?

I have also looked into Nutri-Meds, available as both bovine and porcine thyroid, but how potent is it? Do you have to take a lot to get any effect at all?

I am pretty fed up with prescription NDT drugs at the moment. First of all, it's terribly expensive. Erfa has been inconsistent lately, and I got one batch that does not seem to work at all. I still have some unused Armour, but hesitate to use it after all the critical reviews it's been getting...

Only Armour and Erfa are available in pharmacies where I live, so I'm afraid other brands, such as WP Thyroid or Naturethroid, are not an option for me. There is always Thai NDT, but I'd be interesting in knowing how Thyrogold and possibly Nutri-Meds compare to prescription NDT?

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Anna69, I think you've previously been taking between 5-8 grains of Armour and Erfa and I think you will have to take a helluva lot of ThyroGold to come close. You can contact Tammy Lowe to ask what an equivalent dose might be and work out the cost compared with Armour and Erfa.

Nutri-Meds claim their product is hormone-free, possibly to get around FDA regs, but it means you don't know how much active hormone it actually contains. I've seen a member on NutriThyroid for several months with high TSH around 20.


I am afraid you are right. Yes, it's true, I seem to need between 6-8 grains of NDT to rid myself of all symptoms. I seem to need a little less on the smaller pills (up to 120 mg), but the fact remains: I need a lot of NDT.


Anna, Tammy Lowe is willing to advise by email but I think you'll have to munch through a lot of TG to get an equivalent dose, if it is possible.

You'll be on your own gauging how much NutriThyroid to take. Not an experiment I would undertake when the manufacturer claims it to be hormone-free.


I know that Thyro-gold is stronger than the usual NDT as it first came in 300mcg doses and was too strong for many and so people had to open the capsules. Now they do 150mcg which makes it easier for medicating. I doubt Dr Lowe would have put in anything which would not assist our thyroid glands.

This is a quote:

THYROGOLD, called a “supplement” , was created by the now-deceased John C. Lowe, and his wife currently sells it. Comes in 150 mg and 300 mg tablets. The mgs is NOT equivalent to the same mgs in prescription NDT tablets. i.e. 150 mg may be “similar in effect” to 1 1/4 grains, but that’s a subjective opinion by some. The thyroid powder in the tablets are from New Zealand pasture-fed cows, plus there is 25 mg of Coleus forskohlii, which is said to promote thyroid function. It is a popular OTC product.

Dr Lowe was a scientist and I am sure he would not put ingredients in a product if it wasn't necessary.


This may be helpful of how to dose and forskolin promotes thyroid function:

This is also a quote:-

Let’s say that those customers want to switch from the other product to Thyro-Gold™. To get the same amount of thyroid powder with Thyro-Gold™, customers who take 6 capsules of the other product will take only 2.6 capsules of Thyro-Gold™. Those who take 7 capsules of the other product will take 3 Thyro-Gold™ capsules. And those who take 8 capsules of the other product will take only 3.5 capsules of Thyro-Gold


Thanks Shaws!


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