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Hi. Wondering if anyone can shed any light on these results. I have been feeling really really rubbish the past couple of months and have a million and one symptoms.

75mg levo...

1/4/15 ft4 18.8

Tsh 8.03

100mg levo....

5/6/15 ft4 18.9

Tsh 1.53

11/7/15 ft4 20.1

Tsh 3.88

T4 151

Ft3 4.8

Thy glub anti's 17.8

Tpa 5.0

I Guess my question is.... More levo?

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Well, your TSH is too high for a start. Difficult to say with your T4 and T3 without the ranges, but the T3 is probably too low.

That T4 looks like a total - Don't know why they're still testing totals - but the T3 looks like a Free, so it's impossible to compare them to see if you're converting, I'm afraid. You need them both to be Frees for that.

So, you're right : more Levo!


I think the latest t4 should read 15.1

i would suggest that the levo is not being absorbed or utilised hence why the OP is feeling worse with t4 toxic symptoms





vit d3

to be tested and MUST BE halfway in their ranges

could also be defective DI02 gene which prevents OP even converting the levothyroxine t4 into t3 that every body cell needs to function


Oh, yes, you're right! Could be that. Hadn't thought about that. Would have realised had she added the ranges. In which case, the answer is NOT more Levo because that could make things worse.

Muffin, have you had your antibodies tested?


Yes I had

Thyroglobulin Antibody17.8IU/mL0-115(Negative)

Method used for Anti-Tg: Roche Modular

Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies5.0IU/mL0 - 34

Method used for Anti-TPO: Roche Modular


Ferritin was 83 (15-200)

Folate was 14.5 (3.1-20.0)

B12 347 (200-900)

Not had vit d3


OK, so your B12 is much too low. You need to start supplementing with sublingual methylcobalamin, about 5000 daily, for a couple of months. Then you can lower it to 1000. With that you should take a B complex, with methylfolate rather than folic acid, to keep the Bs balanced.

That low B12 is probably responsible for some of your symptoms.


I do have ranges sorry. From this month

T4 151 (59-154)

Tsh 3.88 (0.27-4.2)

Ft4 20.1 (12-22)

Ft3 4.8 (3.1-6.8)


Right, so things are pretty bad! Your FT3 is low, and your FT4 is quite high, so you aren't converting very well.

You do need to get the vits and mins tested, as RFU has suggested, because deficiencies in these could be the reason for you not converting.


I've bought better you spray for b12 is this not good enough? I have had a lot of blood tests I have a picture of. Can I add pictures on these?


At the moment, you can only put photos on questions, not answers.

The B12 spray is good - as long as you get enough of it! :)


I'm going to the docs on wed to ask for injections but I don't think she will give them to me because I'm in range


No, i Don't suppose she will give them to you. If she's anything like my ex-doctor, she'll think your result is 'perfect'! But, no harm in asking!


Looks like poor conversion of t4 into t3

as ferritin etc is fine guess its DI02 gene or reaction to fillers in levo

maybe acacia powder. . WHAT make has been dispenced by the pharmacist

maybe gluten or lactose sensitivity

whats your cookware made of ?


Sorry. I'm pretty new to this and do t know what any of that means lol


Then you need to take time and read up on it all so you know more than your idiot doctors


Looking at your results you haven't shown the lab ranges (the figures in brackets next to the result) I'm not surprised you don't feel good.

You seem to have gone from 8.03 to 1.53 to 3.88 in three months. Is your T4 15.1 or 151 - hope it is 15.1! ( have just read on through your posts and it is)

I'm not great at interpreting results only my own really. I wouldn't feel good at 3.88 and When I was being treated for Graves Disease (hyper with antibodies) I became hypo, my TSH went up to 7.8 (0.5-5.5) I felt dreadful so I don't think having tur TSH leaping about makes you feel good (I'm not medically qualified, I just know I didn't feel at all good when that happened to me)

I take Jarrows sublingual B12 - you can buy them on Amazon. They will boost your B12 quite quickly - my B12 was similar to yours and went up quite quickly once I took the Jarrows. I think I get 5000mcg ones - they're the cranberry flavoured ones.

Make sure to check the label and buy methylcobalamin NOT cyanocobalamin if B12 looks to be a bargain price then they are probably cyanocobalamin so avoid them.

Hope you feel a bit better soon.

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Thank your fruitandnutcase (love name btw) yes my thyroid results seem to have jumped about I had one again yesterday and my tsh is back down at 2.58. I just don't under stand what's going on. I've never felt this bad ever. And now that there's new things in the mix I'm more confused than ever lol. A good thing is though I went to the docs and she said she would consider b12 injections so maybe that will make a difference 😊 I go back in 2 weeks


Ha, ha, I know, I must stop treating fruit and nut chocolate as two of my five a day.

That's good if you are getting the B12 injections. You could always say you have a family history of pernicious anaemia - see if that persuades your doctor to do something - I actually did have but I don't suppose anyone could prove otherwise.

Read as much as you can in the mean time. Make bullet points of anything you want to ask about, such as why they think your TSH is zooming up and down, keep brief and to the point, stick to the main things you want sorted.

There is a good little BMA book called Understanding Your Thyroid by Dr Anthony Toft, he is very 'establishment' and I highlighted all the bits that backed up my case. Rightly or wrongly I figured it was harder for them to disagree with 'one of their own' 😊

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Is that the guy from Edinburgh? I read about him and want to go and see him. Can't afford it at the mo though. I'm just confused about the whole hashi situation. Just hope I get it sorted because these past months have been a living nightmare. But I will keep trying. Currently I am hunting down a doc that will maybe try ndt with me. Very hard though


Think that's him. Don't suppose he does anything on the NHS so that you could be referred to him that way.

Might be easier to get a trial of T3 if you haven't tried it. Think NDT might be difficult to get. But I've never used it so I don't know for sure.


He's private now and really expensive. Probably worth it though. Well the endo I see now is convinced just upping levo will do me the world of good. I don't agree though it's making me ill. I'll try for t3 and mention ndt again and just do what I can to try and help myself. I'm too scared to self med so don't think I'll ever do it


No I haven't done it ever. Loads of people do and seem to be fine. You need to see if you can get a 'trial' of T3 and see how that goes. Then fingers crossed it is such a success that your doctor can see that I works. 😊

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