Prof Rudolf Hoermann

I'd like to inform TUK members that Prof Rudolf Hoermann, one of TUK's medical advisers, has been diagnosed with a large though thankfully benign thyroid nodule, which has meant that half his thyroid had to be removed . So now two of your advisers have direct knowledge of thyroid malfunction, I through my wife's 47 years of Hashimoto's destruction of the gland and now Prof Hoermann himself. A great concentrator of the mind. If anyone would like to contact Prof Hoermann re this new development I can let people have his email address. But I think this should be controlled not by me but by a TUK administrator. So if you think such contact would be useful,could someone arrange so that a TUK admin person has the email address and can send it to whoever wants to communicate.

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  • I send my best wishes for a good recovery to Prof Rudolf Hoermann, but it is a pity is has happened to one who is helping us instead of someone on GMC board.

  • I endorse what j_bee has said. Let us all wish Prof. Hoermann a swift recovery.

  • Thanks for letting us know, Diogenes.

    Please send my best wishes to Prof. Hoermann and my hopes for a full and speedy recovery.

    I've wondered whether expert knowledge makes it easier or harder to deal with a health condition. I hope it is the former.

  • Wouldn't wish it on anyone but thankful that the nodule was benign. I wish him well and hope his journey back to health is a good one for all of our benefits.

  • Wishing him well, and hoping he has a good doctor!

  • I hope he gets the best dose of thyroid hormones which will make him well. I wish him a speedy recovery.

  • Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I take it he will be using a combo of T4 + T3? PR

  • I believe that since only half the thyroid was removed, there is a good chance of him not needing T4 or only a small dose at worst. Also the gland may partly regrow. Whatever the outcome, he'll know what if any supplements to take.

  • Best wishes to him through this time.

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