The Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypothyroidism Issue 1 July 2016

This is a report by Authors:Mel Rowe,Rudolf Hoermann, Peter Warmingham (one of the Advisers to ) which may be of interest. It is 36 pages long but this an excerpt which will make sense to a lot of members:-

1.When these estimates are considered together with two surveys showing that

over 50% and 75% of patients are not satisfied with their treatment it is easy to see that hypothyroidism is a huge problem, with serious implications. In addition to literally hundreds of hypothyroid symptoms that cause untold misery, inadequately diagnosed/treated hypothyroidism can lead to more serious problems such as high cholesterol, cardiac issues, depression, chronic fatigue, obesity, carpal tunnel syndrome, joint and muscle pain/aches, gradual hearing loss, reproductive system disorders, periodontal disease, diabetes, coma and in extreme cases even death.

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  • Thank you so much for this shaws. I have screenshot pertinent points to fight my cause at next endo appointment if necessary. My endo is concerned my TSH is suppressed. It has been for years but I am still symptomatic.

  • If you've not had a little T3 added to your dose, maybe that would do the trick. Has Endo taken your FT4 and FT3? Maybe suggest these as they've been directed, as far as I know, to only take TSH and T4 into consideration.

    Do you know the best way to get the most out of the blood test results, i.e. timing and dosing?

  • I am on T3 and T4 but feel I need an increase. I wait at least an hour and half before food after meds and I am going for an early fasting blood test next week.

    July bloods TSH <0.05 (0.30-6.00)

    FT4 11.3 (10.0-22.0)

    FT3 5.9 (no reference range) endo commented "largely irrelevant" I don't know what he means by this.

  • Yes, you do follow the suggestion given on this forum re testing.

    When we take T3 our T4 will be lower. Your TSH is irrelevant, I think when taking T4/T3. Your FT3 is lowish and you might feel better if it was towards the upper part of the range. I've taken an excerpt from the link below which states:-

    An excerpt from the following link:-1. When you are sick, your body decreases production of T3 from T4. Most people who are sick enough to be in the hospital will have a low T3 or free T3 concentration in their blood. For this reason, doctors do not usually use FT3 as a routine thyroid test for patients in hospitals.

    (So I think your Endo is going by the hospital's policy when he commented "largely irrelevant" )

    The following is from TUK and read about FT3 in the middle of this page.

  • Thank you so much shaws, you make things much clearer, very much appreciated.

  • It means the endo doesn't know how to deal with people taking T3. FT3 is very relevant esp if you are taking T3.

  • Thankyou read all 38 pages. Very informative.

  • Thank you Shaws this is really helpful, I truly appreciate all you do for HU and wish you a happy and fulfilling 2017!

  • Thank you and I return the good wishes. I want everyone to be helped to return to good health and that's the purpose of TUK. It can be done but sometimes there's a few twists and turns before you get there.

  • "Twists and turns" - alas a level of advanced yoga I may not bend to :-)

    However... since being diagnosed Hashis in 2012 I have learnt and implemented more in the past 8 weeks with TUK and HU to attain quality of life, than I have the 7 GPs and 2 Endos over that 4 year period.

    As there is a yellow card for dodgy medication experiences is there a central website to feedback on HP performance? I seem to recall some government utterances that it was going to be put in place or is that a figment of my brain fog?


  • Unfortunately no yellow card but this doctor is behind us and doesn't mind some plain speaking. He was at our last Conference as well as Dr Chris Steele of ITV (Dr Steele is now a Patron of TUK). You can always add your comment.

    He also speaks his mind about Statins and heart disease.

  • You can become a paid up member of as it is they who are behind the scenes. I shall give you a link, just in case you're not already a member. The more members we have we have a bigger 'push'. We have a Conference every few years with good speakers and a quarterly Magazine. Cost £20 p.a. for member or £15 concession.

  • Thanks Shaws, yes I certainly am a member :-) and very glad of it!

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