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Desperate for T3 meds, please help?

Hi, just this morning, i realised that i might not have my 600 Unipharma T3 meds bought from my usual company. Im am devastated, they just say there are some delays but ive been waiting a few months now and i literally only have 2 weeks worth left. Please please can any of you pm me with any info about where i can purchase some more? I am now desperate as the only other option would be to go on Lexo which i cant tolerate : (

Thank you

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In a similar situation tbh. Ordered 600 at the end of March. Had half delivered and still waiting for balance.

Oh no thats awful , im so sorry. Are you still in contact with them? Im assuming its the same place i purchase mine....around £100 for 600? i emailed them two weeks ago asking where my meds were and they replied saying that Unipharma go on holiday for all of August each year and meds will be shipped out near the end of September. I just happen to look on here this morning and ive seen so many similar posts!! Ive been rummaging through my bags and have managed to find some more, so, i now have enough to last me for 30 days now so it gives me a bit more time to search. What have they said to you?

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PMd you Cee123

I sent a reminder about 3 weeks ago. They said the same about the factory's August shutdown, apologised for the delay and thanked me for my patience. Didn't give a delivery timescale unfortunately.

I was t3 only and ran out but luckily had some NDT to fall back on. It's not the same and doesn't suit me so well but trying to phase it out for t3 again. However the supply situation is a bit of a worry. Hopefully we'll get then sooner rather than later.


Lots of other similar posts too .... sorry to read you are having problems :-(

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My two pence worth:

My supplier says the factory hasn’t shut down and doesn’t in August - they may have staff shortages. But she’s able to get T3 I’m reduced quantities. Maybe call them as she says it sounds like something to fob you off and hold onto your money a while longer.


If members can recommend other T3 suppliers they will send you a private message. Feedback can't be posted on the forum so I am closing your post to replies. To read a private message: support.healthunlocked.com/...

To send Cee123 a private message: support.healthunlocked.com/...

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