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DHEA improved with adrenal glandulars?


I have low DHEA and lowish/flat cortisol and am taking adrenal glandular supplements (a mixture a nutriadrenal and nutri-meds adrenal cortex). I added a very low dose of DHEA (2mg/day sublingually) but had a couple of mild headaches, which is rare for me these days, so I've stopped the DHEA for now. I understand there may be some DHEA in the adrenal glandulars. Has anyone had an improvement in DHEA levels after taking adrenal glandulars without supplementing additional DHEA?

Thanks x

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I'm sorry you've had no replies to your post, Calluna. Feel free to repost your question.


Thanks Clutter,

I guess no one's noticed an improvement in DHEA from taking adrenal glandulars!

I might try restarting the DHEA at the minuscule dose of 1mg/day and see if the headaches return or stay away.


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