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Symptomatic for under active thyroid

Hello there new friends

I am a 38 female. I've been having very distinct symptoms of underactive thyroid, I always knew that it would eventually happen as my mother, all her sisters & my brother suffer with hypothyroidism.

I had a basic thyroid test with my GP last week, which showed nothing, but he suggested paying privately for a full thyroid function test which I am having tomorrow.

I know virtually nothing about the terminology, the acceptable levels, and even if having the test at the wrong time of the day can make a difference to the result. I have also been reading lots of things that suggest you can have very normal looking test results but still be symptomatic. I'm guessing getting treatment isn't all too easy if that is the case. A friend of mine lives abroad and she self treats her hypothyroidism with T3 which she is able to buy over the counter.

She says that it took her a while to find the levels of t3 that suited her, but chooses to asses purely by how her body feels rather than blood results.

It also seems like a scary minefield at the moment and as a busy working mother who feels ready to sleep for the next 100 years I'm scared it's going to be a complex ride to understand all this.... I sure am glad this forum is here. You all seem very knowledgeable.

Would it be ok to run my test results past you once they arrive?

Thanks in advance for listening


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Welcome to the forum, Berlidders.

Post your new results with the lab ref ranges and members will be happy to interpret them and advise.


Best to get blood test done as early in day as possible, ideally before 9am, no breakfast and just water to drink, until after test.


It might be good idea to also tests for levels of Vit D, B12, folate and Ferratin. All these can upset thyroid uptake if levels are too low.


In that same boat. Everyone on here is helpful. I complained for years to my gp as my gran died of heart failure due to undiagnosed hypothyroidism. Keep pushing and keep researching. It's better than letting the good old nhs beat you


cannot understand why your GP think you should pay privately for tests

Thyroid Antibodies


free T4

Free T3




Vit d3

is whats needed and drawn first thing in the morning

the latter 4 should all be HALFWAY in their ranges because they are closely interrelated with how your body is able to use thyroid meds

I syspect all your GP has done is TSH which is worse than useless if you have Central /2ndary /hypopituarity form of hypothyroid which is often inherited and by no means as rare as they think

Post what results you already have and ask your GP why he cannot do the above on the NHS

Free T3 is usually the only one NHS labs are difficult about unless ???Hypopityarityv is put on form


Thanks for your replies guys. I've had my b12 and vit d checked and they were normal. I'm not sure I've had test for folate & ferritin....I'll call my Gp and check.

He said that he couldn't send me for the full thyroid investigation as my TSH was normal...he said the computer won't physically let a form be printed...and to be honest I really didn't have the fight in me. I've paid now for a full test and have rearranged for my bloods to be taken Wednesday next week at 8am.

Thank you again and I'll be back to you with my results.

It's very much appreciated.

Berlidders x


Berlidders, when he says 'normal', he just means 'in range' - poor things Don't know the difference, but we do!

It's where the result falls in the range that's important, and to know that, you have to get a copy of your blood test results - always, always ask for a print-out of your results - it's your legal right to have one - and Don't just trust your doctor to know what he's talking about, because half the time, he doesn't!

Always remember that as a general rule, doctors know nothing about hormones and/or nutrients - and any exception to that rule comes as a welcome surprise! :)


Just rang GP. Folate normal. Not been tested for Ferritin. X


Berlidders nothing is normal here. Always get a copy of your results. Plus, how does he know what is normal for you. xx


You're right. I've made an appointment to get my blood results in hard copy. I'll post them up along with my thyroid tests results.

My anxiety has really been up these last few days. I never knew that anxiety was a symptom, but blimey, it's a very real symptom isn't it!

B x


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