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Hi there please can someone help advise me on these results . I got my iron tested and results are . Iron profile and saturation is 5 range 10-30 ... Also TSH 0.88 Range 0.27-4.2

FT3 4.2 range 3.1-6.8

FT4 14.5 range 12-22 .

I am so exhausted and dizzy no energy at all and just recovering from another ear infection with banging headaches . I'm wondering is this due to low iron . I am on 50mg of thyroxine and saw an endocrinologist last year privately who was hopeless and then discovered that it was my vitamin d that was low and once I got it up to 80 I was in great form . Please can anyone offer any advice .


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So, how is your vit d now? Are you still supplementing?

Have you been diagnosed as hypo? Are you taking any thyroid hormone replacement? Your TSH is fine, but your FT4 and Ft3 are much too low.

I Don't know about iron, but it looks as if it may be low.

Have you had your B12 tested?

Difficult to say much without more information.


Hi Grey,

Yes I got my vitamin D tested but haven't got the results yet but I have been taking metabolics vitamind3 and k2 combined this last three months as I know I go low in it without medication .

Yes I was diagnosed with under active thyroid in 2010 .

My vitamin B 12 was normal . I just can't seem to store vitamins unless I take them as tablets . I have an intolerance to wheat so I have cut that out . I have had vertigo plus ear infection since May and I was doing so well .

Hope your health is good and thanks for all your advice much appreciated :) angela




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