Stress decreases TSH - John Bergman

45 minutes - please just watch 10 minutes if you can - we are still in the dark ages!

About 5 minutes in he starts to explain that under stress (physical, chemical, emotional) the hypothalamus signals adrenals to produce cortisol (stress hormone) and TSH production is decreased

cortisol up - thyroid hormone down balance

Bingo - so is TSH meaningless when under stress? J :D

Why is it often that women over 50 have low thyroid? Oestrogen binds to thyroid transport proteins?

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  • That is what he's saying, isn't it?

  • What a fantastic presentation. I watched it all and nearly clapped along with the audience at the end. All of it makes so much sense. Does he have a book as each slide looked so informative. Thanks for posting sparerib.

  • lots more interesting 'makes sense' stuff from Mr Bergman free on youtube - I'm addicted! :D

    (yes he has books out too)

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