Endocrinology Clinic: Mixed Bag

Went to Endocrinology Clinic today. The outcome's a mixed bag.

On the plus side: saw head honcho, who prescribed T3 on the basis that I was feeling much better on my self-administered dose. She also said that my ferritin was still too low at 102.5 pmol/l and that she thoroughly approved of the new, lower TSH cutoff limits for diagnosing hypothyroidism in the US.

On the minus side: wants to decrease my T3 dose from 6.25mcg to 5mcg per day so that my TSH rises back into the 'detectable' range. Osteoporosis, atrial fibrillation, etc.

So I'll comply for 6 weeks on the slightly reduced dose and see how I feel. If it keeps head honcho happy and I don't feel much difference then I guess that's a win. If I feel lousy then there could be interesting times ahead...

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  • hose1975

    That is great news they agreed to prescribe. No more worries about sourcing it.

    How do you manage 6.25 mcg? I thought pills came in 5,10 and 20mcg. (20 being the cheapest for some strange reason.)


  • She must take1/4 of a 25 mcg tablet. Most of the stuff from abroad comes as 25 not 20.

    Xx. G

  • Arhh, thank you galathea.

  • That's right: Tiromel (my current brand) comes in 25mcg pills. Do you think that the reduction of 1.25mcg will make much difference?

  • Wouldn't think so, not unless you are super sensitive to it.


  • How can you divide a quarter of a pill even further?

  • I won't need to: HH has prescribed 20mcg tablets that need to be quartered to give approximately 5mcg / day. Same as I do with my current 25mcg tablets.

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